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  • Hi Neasie:square:

    Thanks for your reply!

    I am not sure where Atlantic County is, I am in Ocean County, are you south of that? So far, there are only 5 that showed interest which includes me. I tweeted this today so I hope to get some interest. Pls PM me if you want me to keep your name & town on file. I am starting a small database file and I want to make sure I have everyone's contact information in my VAF email account that is interested in a NJ Meetup.

    At this time, I only need to know your town and zipcode to make it easier to plan a Meet-up. You and I may be the closest yet, but I am not sure. This information would also come in handy if anyone wanted to carpool with another VA that lived in the same area. But it is optional. This would be for our first meetup. Again, thanks for responding, I appreciate it.:sunny:
    Hope to talk soon.
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