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  • Hi Joni,
    Thank you, I am excited about this forum and have already found a lot of useful information. I am in Orange County near Huntington Beach. I work full-time, but I am trying to start a Virtual Assistant business and hope to get enough work to quit my job eventually. It is nice to meet you. Kim
    Hi, a am a newer than noob wondering where to begin and wondering how it all takes place - I mean the process. I have done a lot of research - do people just hang out there shingles and let it happen? Maybe a dumb question...
    Hi Joni,

    Just wanted to say "Happy New Year" and have a fun and safe New Year's Eve! I'm looking forward to chatting more with you and getting to know you.

    Take care!!
    Michelle :)
    Hi Joni,

    Thank you for contacting me! I live in Bellflower, so it's not far from you. How long have you been a VA? How did you get started? I'm interested in anything you'd like to share with me.

    Have a great day!!
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