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    I need your opinion on my business name

    I agree with everyone else - On Track Virtual Assistant :)
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    Dedicated room for home office

    Totally agree with Denise. :applause:
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    VA/Small Business Must Haves

    My must haves: Computer w/3 monitors Pen/Message Notebook (for when clients call and want to chat quickly .....) Headset (USA and landline) Fuijitsu SancSnap S1500 Scanner Check Printer w/MICR ink Blank Checks QuickBooks/FreshBooks/Xero Software 10 Key Calculator Skype BaseCamp Google...
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    What do you enjoy doing?

    Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Non-Profits ........ anything that going in with that realm I am in heaven!!!!!
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    Question Questions for the two-monitors crowd!

    :happydance: THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! I have 3 screens on my desk but after seeing this ..... I'm thinking 4 is a magical number
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    Neat Receipts or Fujitsu ScanSnap?

    Being an accountant .... Neat sends chills up my back ....... I am a ScanSnap fan!!!!!!
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    PO Boxes

    I started with a PO Box at the post office then moved into an office then back to a PO Box. When I relocated here to GA - I purchased a Mail Box at a local printing, shipping type set up (kinda like a UPS Store with mailboxes). I prefer this setup over the previous versions because they will...
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    Google voice question

    Thanks for the article!!!! Definitely going to check it out. When my clients want to get in touch with me - they leave a message. I've been using Google Voice since around 2007 and never had any issues. Angel
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    Are you printing your own business cards or having them done somewhere?

    I started with Vista Print but found their quality started going downhill. I currently use and although I pay a little more - around $23.00 - for 500 rounded edge, 2-sided color, glossy cards ... I've found that it is WELL worth it. Angel
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    Question Can I issue Financial Statements?

    I have a clause in my contract that states the reports i provide are not financial statements and do not adhere to GAAP standards. It also has verbiage about auditing. My attorney drew them up for me and I have them reviewed/revised every 2 years. I would definitely have any contracts you...
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    Gmail Accounts for business use?

    I've always thought that it was more professional to have [email protected] and with the cost of domain names and hosting these days - it really is VERY affordable. I just switched from HostGator to Google Apps for my email hosting and it's been the best switch to date!!!! Thanks - Angel
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    I agree - I am a member of 3 meetups. Two for networking and one for social.
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    Thinking about changing my business name

    My best friend actually came up with my name :) I recommend applying for an EIN through the IRS so your SSN is not out there. You can still obtain an EIN even if you are a Sole Prop. Thanks - Angel
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    Question Anyone know of any VA trainings online?

    I know there are a couple of Google+ groups that would be good to join. They always have plenty of advice and information. Good luck and welcome!!!
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    Question something you cannot live without!

    all 3 monitors and of course my PMS. Without it I wouldn't be able to function day to day!