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    Question What do you think of just focusing on LinkedIn as a service?

    I think , things are not same in every community in FB. There are some admirer also so you should make a target and go for reaching them. Ignoring this big site is not a good idea. LI is a nice choice undoubtedly.
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    Some things better left to a professional

    That is really helpful. Keep going.
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    LinkedIn Profile

    Tell about your skills, experiences, knowledge, interest, ambition , working style. Let them know why do they hire you. Regards
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    Best sites for Social Media Posting?

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Qoura.
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    Hire Virtual Assistant from

    As the tough economic times become more trying, increasingly more and more businesses in the UK and US are hiring Virtual Assistant to work for them. A Virtual Assistant essentially works for you from a remote office. In todays global market, many companies have Virtual Assistants working for...
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    Content marketing/blogging fruitless, reach too low, tips?

    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge.
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    How to get clients?

    In-person networking – While this was the most terrifying for me, it became easier over time and eventually became something I loved. This avenue supplied me with a huge stack of business cards to which I am utilizing today (through LinkedIn) and I can honestly say I have a client from attending...