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  • Sue - Think it's fixed now. I always post before Tess puts up the sidebar picture, so there's a bit of a lag. And we're on opposite coasts.
    Interview looks good! Thanks so much. You know, it's my swan song interview, as someone else will pick up from here. We need to give more people a chance for the opportunity. I'm proud that you are the subject for this last one: your skills and accomplishments are admirable, and I wish you increasing successes!
    Hi Sue,

    I see you live in Roseville. So do I. I am trying to start up my own VA business, I think I'll be targeting real estate agents since I've worked as one for 4 years now. I'm glad to see someone in my area making this work. Maybe someday we can meet in person.

    Hi Sue-
    I just discovered you live in Roseville CA. I would love to stay connected with my local collegues. As a matter of fact, I've "met" three other local VA's & we're actually meeting this Tuesday, Mar 31st at 11am at the Cheesecake Factory by the Galleria Mall. We'd love to have you join our little network!!! Are you interested?

    Teri Taylor
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