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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understand the changes ~~ Thank you, Bobbi
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    Free Elevator Pitch Generator

    This is such an excellent resource! I love the simplicity of using their pitch system and it will be very helpful to clients as well. YEA!!
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    Hint Wondering how social media can work?

    Yes, it does ... Great Job Serita!!
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    Hi from South Carolina

    Hi Emmy, :welcome: to the VAF!! It is great to have you with us. I look forward in getting to know you. Have a great day! Bobbi ~
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    LinkedIn Excitement - now what?

    I LOVE Linkedin!! I would also LOVE to connect with anyone here who uses Linkedin. My profile is: I welcome all connections... I have 5 references on my profile. It is a great way for prospective clients to see what other clients, businesses...
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    Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

    Very well written and informative article! It really kept me interested and digging deeper for more information. Thanks for sharing it with us... Bobbi
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    Website Review - Please

    Thanks Everyone for the excellent feedback!! Great Suggestions. I really need to learn more about setting my rates. Yes, I completely agree that my site is very low on content. I am, although, at a loss as to what to add to create that POP I need. I would like to find a free site editor...
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    Website Review - Please

    Hello Everyone! My site is up. I do not like the text size. It's too small for me and the whole layout seems too simple. I would like to add some POP to it, but I guess I am just too tired right now. LOL :nonod: It is still in the "work on phase," but I...
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    Google Wave

    Excellent! Thanks Shannon ... I can't wait to start playing around with it. It looks very valuable. : ) But right now ~ I'm on a mission to get CONTENT on my site! :sunny: LOL!! Have a Great Day everyone!! Bobbi
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    Question WordPress Site Layout?? Blog or Standard Home Page?

    Thank you Bernice... : ) Thank you Christina!!! Excellent! I knew there HAD to be something I could do for that... LOL! I will work on it later today. What a help .... I really appreciate it so much. What a stress reliever. :) Bobbi
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    Question WordPress Site Layout?? Blog or Standard Home Page?

    I have my domain and hosting. I have integrated it with WordPress. My question is should I leave it as a blog or should I have a standard home page set in place and setup a blog else where?? I am stuck on the formating and I can't seem to move to content until I get this in place. I have...
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    Working on Biz Name

    You're quick ~ Thank you so much!! :)
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    Working on Biz Name

    Andrea ~ they are asking which pre-installed script to use??? Should I just pick wordpress? Can I add to this later? Bobbi
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    Working on Biz Name

    Thank you everyone for the comments!! Alrighty Then ~ Hunter Virtual Assistant Service ( it is!!! Plus I am absolutely going to keep Andrea's tag line she gave me. I LOVE it so Much!! Very cool! LOL! I can't wait to get a site up. Andrea ~ I was going to buy the domain...
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    Working on Biz Name

    Oh WoW! Andrea I LOVE that! I was trying to be in the "A" list of alphabetical directories, but I really love your idea!! LOL!!! Thank you So Much... I'm going to check domain names for it! UPDATE: AND are Available! What do you all...