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  • Alright, thats not a problem... maybe I will ask how to do bookkeepin "virtually" and start a thread from there. I could always use the information myself. But thanks, maybe we can trade notes on what we are doing. I am just new to all of this period! But thanks anyways!
    Aw, I appreciate you asking me to mentor, but I am new to the virtual world of doing bookkeeping, so I would probably not be much help in that regard. I'll probably have lots of questions myself when I get my first virtual bookkeeping client, LOL!

    What I plan to do is ask here on the forums to get feedback from veteran VAs. Would that be a way to go for you, too? There is a wealth of information here, and everyone is so helpful.

    Since I already have Peachtree, I am also going to get QuickBooks, but not sure what version yet. Peachtree I will use for clients that don't have an accounting program and just want their books done. QuickBooks I will use for those that have QB so we can mutually share files (not sure how I'm gonna do that yet, but it's in my plans :)).

    I know I have a lot of experience with accounting/bookkeeping, but if I had more experience under my belt working in the virtual world, I would be more than happy to mentor you. Until then, I don't think I'd be much help, sweetie. I'm still trying to figure out how to virtually do the bookkeeping "stuff."

    I'm so sorry, I feel bad... Maybe in the future I would feel more comfortable with this.

    I checked out your website, it looks great. Very eye catching. I am new to the accounting and bookkeeping field, I am a new graduate. I have been doing a home study course. I was wondering if you would possibly be my mentor??? I figured it may be a stretch because we are all sooooo busy nowadays. But I need a go to person when I have a question whenever I get my first client! I have not bought ANY software yet either. I am not sure what is best to do bookkeeping. I hear all kinds of different things about Peachtree and QB. My school wont answer these questions either! lol. But if you aren't wanting to do the whole mentoring thing, I understand. No hard feelings. I just thought I would ask. Thanks for your time!
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