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    How do you gather testimonials?

    I use a form on my website to collect them. I often find that people will say a line or two and that doesn't look great on a site so I send them the form with a series of questions and they can type in their answers and just click send and I will receive it. Instead of getting back a few...
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    Website: Did You Create Your Own or Outsource?

    Agreed. I think it is best to learn how to do stuff yourself sometimes. Learning how to build a basic site on WP can only help you. Who knows when that might come in handy.
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    What do you do when you aren't available?

    Rebecca you need to work with someone you can hand you business off to. You ask other business owners to trust you with their work so you're going to have to find someone to trust with yours. In a perfect world, you would have started this sooner. Most VAs who are having success and whose...
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    Odesk/Upwork and other freelance sites?

    Its not worth it. People claim to find decent stuff on there from time to time, but a lot of virtual assistants that work there are taking MUCH LESS than their hourly rate. If that floats your boat, then do it, but it doesn't work for me so I'm not going to.
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    Client Assessment Forms - determining how long a task takes

    Re: Client Assessment Forms I think that's a GREAT idea actually. I think it helps people get realistic about how long things are going to take. Sometimes people can think something is "easy" and is only going to take 1 or 2 hours and it can end up taking much longer. And make sure you...
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    Facebook ads

    Check out Clair Pells. FB ads can be used to generate a list.
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    Facebook ads

    You can decide. They have cost per click meaning they will charge you a certain amount per click. For me, its usually less than $0.50 per click. Then they have cost per impression meaning they will charge you a certain amount of money per 1000 impressions or the number of people it is shown to...
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    Packaging My Services

    No. Its open ended. I know many people go with the packages thing, but I don't like how confining it is for people. Plus many VAs who do packages often complain that a client wants to change X, Y, Z and how its forcing them to spend more time doing it since they are working for a flat rate. A...
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    Packaging My Services

    Re: Packaging Lol, thanks so much. I'd never consider myself a designer but the designer in me came out when I was working on my site :D
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    Packaging My Services

    Re: Packaging Hi Linda, Thanks so much, lol. I worked pretty hard on those packages. I decided to add a starter package because I think no client should ever commit to working long-term with a VA until they try it out. Regardless of a VAs reputation or experience. You shouldn't have...
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    Packaging My Services

    Re: Packaging I do 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 hour packages. You decide how you want to do it. I don't go over 30 because A.) I don't want to be that heavily dependent on one client as a source of income and B.) because I am not at a point where I want to take one someone else. Everyone talks...
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    Where can I get good HTML training?

    Try I LOVE this site. They have html, css, and all that fancy stuff. Plus more. Currently I'm learning Abode premiere as well as marketing.
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    Website Review Request

    Its a pretty nice site. However, I think the logo should be bigger and I'm also not a huge fan of the fixed navigation bar. It makes the screen constantly shorter.
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    Portfolio Question for New VA

    It depends on the services you offer. Certain services you can add to a portfolio and others you can't. Like if you offer design services. You can easily add websites, graphics etc to a portfolio. If you offer writing services you can easily add some samples of your work to your portfolio. If...
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    Whitespace and marketing

    I too like white space. I don't know why, I think its less distracting and looks over all cleaner. Some sites do however look nice with a good amount of text on them. Though, as of late, I've found myself on certain landing pages that are just overflowing with text. I've seen this becoming...