Mar 23, 1984 (Age: 38)
San Diego, CA
Company Name
Your Admin Center
Company Motto
Let us handle the daily details so that you can get back to what you love doing & do best!
Specialty and Services
Administrative Services:

Data Entry
Word Processing
Excel Spreadsheets
Manage Social Media
Client Feedback
Leads Management
Follow Ups/Reminders
Transaction Coordination

Calendar & E-mail Management:

Coordinate Appointments
Office Meetings
Calendar Management
Travel Arrangements
Personal Appointments

New Conference Management:

Webinar & Teleconference Arrangements
Distribute Invitations
Track Conferences, Pass codes, etc

Creative Assistance:

Sales Fliers/Brochures
Office Manuals
Logo Design
Letterhead/Business Cards
Holiday/Birthday/Thank You Cards
Customer Service
Courtesy Calls
Handwritten Thank You Cards
Follow Up/Feed Back
Email Responses
Instant Messaging

Social Media:

Set Up Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page
Manage Social Accounts

(Don't see your needs listed? Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean we don't have the skills to get it done...Just Ask)
Rates and Terms
One Time Set Up Fee

Hourly Rate (2 hour minimum)

This plan is ideal for clients who preferred to be billed by the hour or require occasional support. Standard hourly rate with an one hour minimum. Time is billed in 15 minute increments after the first hour. Projects taking 4 hours or more will require a 50% deposit.

Same Day Rush (1 hour minimum)

Monthly Retainer
For clients who require services on an on going basis, we offer package rates at a discount. This offers the true benefit of professional virtual assistance and gives you the convenience and confidence of ongoing virtual assistance, allowing your business to grow.

You receive a packaged number of hours per month and simply contact Your Admin Center as assistance is needed, without having to purchase hours for individual services.

Hrs per Month

$25 per Hr

% Off

Discounted Prices (based on standard $25/hr rate)

Pkg'd Hrs Discount % & Cost
5 hrs $125 5% $118.75

10 hrs $250 10% $225.00

15 hrs $375 15% $318.75

20 hrs $500 20% $400.00

These plans are ideal for clients who require service on a regular basis. By purchasing this plan of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours, a client can receive up to a 20% discount. All retainer hours are valid for 60 days. Any remaining hours will be forfeited.
Contact Information
Your Admin Center

Email: [email protected]
Skype: SkypeYourVA
Messenger: MsgYourVA
Crystal Chambliss, Owner
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