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    Vacation Procedures?

    I'm currently billing hourly. That is a good question to pose how to handle for package pricing or retainers.
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    Vacation Procedures?

    Do you take a vacation(s) during the summer? How do you communicate that to your clients? Do you close down? Take it with you? Forward to another VA? I just sent out a letter to my ongoing clients to alert them of the weeks I would be out of the office. I immediately received a thank you...
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    QuickBooks Online Certified

    I went through Intuit and did the ProAvisor Online Certification. I want to do the advanced certification next. It has given me a broader range of services to offer my clients and discounts on other programs. Look of QuickBooks Online Proadvisor certification or even Desktop. I chose Online...
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    BNI Events

    I love networking/referral groups. All of my business has been through referrals in my community and from the groups. I've met some amazing business owners and love all the information shared at the meetings. I'm a very social person so the networking groups work out really well for me.
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    Business Card Scanner?

    Does anyone use a really good business card scanner? How long does it take to process one card? I have a few clients that are interested in me updating 100 of business cards into their data systems and I"m wondering if there are good card machines out there? I know there are phone apps but...
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    I did a lot of youtube videos and scrolling through others VA Sites for ideas and then I found Bluehost/WordPress was very helpful when it came the actual building of my site. You will learn a lot in the process and just keep tweaking it as you go. Have faith in yourself. You will do great.
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    QuickBooks Online Certified

    I set a goal a few months back to learn QuickBooks Online and get certified. I started using the program for my own books and repeatedly was asked by several clients if I knew QuickBooks. The more I learned the program the more I remembered how much I enjoyed doing Accounts receivable and...
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    Question Assistant vs. Virtual Assistant

    This was very helpful answering my question about creating an email under my client's domain to do correspondence with his customers. Thank you.
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    Dedicated room for home office

    I have a dedicated room 80% of them time. The other 20% it is my daughters art room while I work. I used to only have a enclosed desk with doors in our main room that was my space. I love that I have an actual room for my office now. It also help me detach and focus on family when I'm away...
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    I have not attended any of the big functions yet but definitely get involved in one of the small breakout groups. Ours has Women's group, referral groups, IT groups and several other ones. Go on to your local chamber site and check out all they have to offer. Start small, 20 person group, and...
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    Sometimes it's not the ones in your actual group that you are networking too. I look at it as a time to get my name out there and build relationships. As the relationships grow those in the groups may know of someone else that is buried beneath a mountain of paperwork or lost in there...
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    In the last two weeks I have been a guest at two Chamber's in my county. I attended "referral group" meetings. I have a dear friend that had invited me and was there for support. I felt so out of my comfort zone but at the same time ecstatic at the opportunities within the Chamber. Check and...
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    Help!!! need logo and name

    Welcome Lynette, What is your absolute favorite thing about being an assistant? Managing multiple tasks? Writing? Organizing data? Organizing someone's calendar? All of it? Those questions helped me out in the beginning.
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    Question WordPress is driving me crazy, lol!

    I have had pretty good luck with WordPress. My site is a constant work in progress. I'm a bit of a theme junky as I keep downloading new ones and over-hauling the site completely. I've been learning a lot about WordPress this way. Today I uploaded a new theme and was having a heck of a time...
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    Resource 8 Reasons Why You're Not Making Money

    Thankful this popped up in the feed. Great article. So many starting points to get things rolling.