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    Website feedback please

    Quite possibly a glitch. I thought it was odd for just one page to do that!
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    Advertising Your Business/Getting Clients

    Search twitter for people looking for VA's Since you freelance write and looking for extra money, are you on any of the freelance writing sites? If you land clients for these services, you maybe able to market other services.
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    Question Review on my Website

    I would have put bankruptcy somewhere in my name or my tag... I see business services and think "general". I would run a spell checker again, for example under your disclaimer you have "authorised" and it should be "authorized ". Your homepage is a bit wordy, for me at least... "Nowadays"...
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    I would say find your target market on twitter and start following people. Hpefully they will follow you back. Then just make sure to send out informative tweets to them. Also to find clients, search keywords like "virtual assistant" or whatever specific service you provide. You will often find...
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    Question RE: Another Redo of Logo

    I can't find the article someone directed me towards, but this post helps guide you to selecting your colors. I would stick with 1-3 colors. As Christina asked, what are the squares representing? If you're not...
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    Problem What a wally!!

    As Kristin said, get yourself a 15-30 second elevator speech ready. Nothing too long, A quick 15 second speech would be "I provide XYZ services to XYZ preferred clients". Then if you want the 30 second speech add in a few specific services or some type of example.
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    Website feedback please

    I love your page. From the Mario characters to the Virtual Gaming Assistant :) I think everything is spelled out in simple terms, which is great. The only issue I have is the rates page loads longer than the other pages. I'm not sure why.
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    How to charge for scheduling?

    I think hourly would be best. To charge them a flat rate for something could be seen as overcharging them or undercharging yourself. Booking a flight could be 15 minutes or heck on Earth and 3 days. I would have something in place that it's 30 min or 1 hour minimum for the month as April suggested.
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    What do you think

    Oh, I don't think anyone is saying it's wrong to be a VA. It's just proper titles is what's at question...very similar roles. For instance, An Inside Sales Manager is different from an Account Manager. Someone who has never dealt with either would say they are the same, but they each have...
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    I LOVE Google Mail!!!!

    You can turn the conversation view off in the Settings and General Tab
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    Tip Useful tool for multiple Client logins

    Re: Useful tool for multiple Clint logins That is very cool! Thanks for sharing Michele
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    What do you think of the name and tagline?

    I like the "Assassin" part. I would go along the line of Project Assassin or Clutter Assassin... Administrative Assassin sounds like you're going to get all those Admins and do away with them, haha
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    New to Virtual Assisting

    Re: New to VA'ing Welcome all. I'm still developing and hoping to jump right out there shortly. I advise everyone to network as much as possible with other VA's. Join LinkedIn if you aren't there already and join VA groups as well as groups targeted towards your clients.
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    I think if you want to have certifications to "show off" your skills you can, but it's certainly not necessary. Now for example, if I decided to become a REVA, there are just certain things I would need certification on depending on the level of work I wanted to do.
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    social media novice

    Susan, One thing is to search in this forum to get "How To" ideas. Also, Google is your friend! If you google what you are looking for and how to do things, you should find it. There are massive amounts of step by step guides on YouTube as well. Like right now I'm going to start reading on...