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  • Hello,

    Thank you! My podcasts cover many different topics and I hope to add to the variety in the future. If you ever have a topic suggestion, just let me know. Thank you Annette!
    Hi :) Please look for answers and post all questinos about the forum operations in the Forum Q and A section at the bottom of the forum home page.
    Hi Annette! Thanks for the personal reply. Yes, it would be GREAT to connect with you in person. My life is crazy at the moment as I'm trying to interview for a FT job to allow me to get my own VA business going and one day, be able to do this full time from home. Do you have Instant Messenger through Hotmail, by chance?
    Best wishes and talk soon!

    Hi Annette, thank you for your sweet note! I DO get loads of time with Nou :) In fact, she's sitting on me as I type this! We're really blessed to be able to work from home. I started my VA practice years before she was born but now it feels like she was always the reason.
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