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    Phone number used for marketing

    I have been using Google voice for a 1 year for my contacts. Emmanuel>
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    Google voice question

    I believe if a client needs your services and calls but couldn't reach will definitely leave a message to be reached back. One thing I is that Google Voice has SMS services because i having been using google voice for a 1 year now. Emmanuel>
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    PO Boxes

    Thanks Virtual Barbara for your opinion, getting a PO address for my business at this start-up phase is addition cost I have to incur. It was 5% of my start-up budget for the size I wanted but now I will used my home address till I get an office outside home. Emmanuel>
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    Mac or PC or Both?

    I used Chrome but now Windows. If there need comes for me to get a Mac, yes I will.
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    Dedicated room for home office

    I agree with you all, the need for a dedicated home office. I share part of my bed room as my office but when I need to reflex on some issues am distracted because the whole atmosphere is a bedroom setting. I have no girlfriend, pet or room mate around now but with the experience you all have...
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    VA/Small Business Must Haves

    I have an ergonomic chair, a flash drive not external hard drive because I use the cloud storage which is good for me.
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    Setting up my home office

    I have a laptop,all-in-one printer (printer,scanner & copier) and my notebook all arranged on my office desk a friend donated. I use my cell phone for other duties but planning to have an ipad/pc tablet soon.
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    What's on your home office wish list?

    Re: What is on your home office wish list? My home office wish list is to practically apply the information from "Become a Virtual Assistant" book by Tess Strand after successfully completing the book and also make good use of this forum.
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    Mobile Hotspot Devices

    Hi, I have thought of hot spot mobile but now I will give a try anyway. Thanks
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Thanks, I have read, understand and will follow all instructions.