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    How do you handle late payments?

    I charge a 15% late fee.
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    VA consulting business up for sale!

    Jeanie, I might be interested but could you provide us with the website you are using?
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    Accounting/Time Tracking

    I use and paypal but I have clients that use Freshbooks and I like that as well.
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    Hello from South Carolina!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from New Jersey (Bergen County)

    Welcome, my husband is originally from NJ.
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome, what part of NC are you in. That's very cool that you co-own with someone. Another VA and myself are looking at potentially doing this soon as well.
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    Requests for a resume?

    I usually send what I consider an introduction email which I qualify as a cover letter so to speak and a company profile which is like my resume. However, sometimes they will come back asking for those items still and I explain why I don't provide that. Chances are those people still have the...
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    Should you have Target Market or not?

    I definitely think you should have a target market but be flexible to accepting others if that is the direction you want to go.
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    Hi All! Denver, Colorado

    Welcome Amena. You are just the person I need to speak to. I am going to be in Denver area in July and looking for local events I can assist with managing as this is one of my niches. Any ideas?
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    Affiliate Question

    Ok thank you for the information on this.
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    Affiliate Question

    Is there a way to get an affiliate link for the store here? I have a ton of people asking me for contracts and things like that to purchase on a regular basis. I am debating whether to just be an affiliate or create some of my own stuff.
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    Does this sound fishy?

    Yes sounds like a lot of those scams where they send you money and then you have to cash, and the checks are bad.
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    How to design a logo

    I have used fiverr for ones in the past.
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    Kimberly Dodson, Veteran Virtual Assistant

    Looking forward to your input on the forum.
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    Question Data Entry

    Some of the database entry I have done was when the database being used, like excel or so forth was uploaded to a cloud service like dropbox or google and then I would add info in there and the client could access it as well.