Hello!!! I am a mother, wife, and striving Entrepreneur. Other than becoming a Virtual Assistant and making things happen with my VA Business, I am also a Primerica Rep. Both of my businesses have on thing in common...helping others. I am here to grow my business and soon become full time.

Music, computers, reading, spending time with family
Thomaston, Ga
Company Name
Trammell VA Solutions
Company Motto
Virtually Servicing You
Specialty and Services
Calendar Management
Client Follow Up
Data Base Entry/Data Entry
Email Management
Online/Offline Customer Service
Social Tasks (sending assorted cards such as Birthday, Holiday, and Thank You cards)
Social Media Management
Travel Research
Preferred Industries
Real Estate Agents
Insurance Agents
Rates and Terms
Haven't set rates yet. At this time since I am just starting I would like to get my feet wet by working for a few people free of charge in turn you provide me with a testimony on my website once that is built.
Contact Information
Phone: 1-860-484-3074

Face-time: [email protected]

Skype: TrammellVASolutions

Email: [email protected]
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Trammell VA Solutions