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    Networking Checklist

    Because of some negative "business scheme" impression "networking" have, people have this allergic reactions when they hear the word "networking". But really, its more on connecting and making relationships with people which may produce referrals in the future. But it won't be successful without...
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    I need your opinion on my business name

    I like "On Track Virtual Assistant" too. It would really create an impression that everything's "on track" and would really look corporate on business cards too.
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    Hello! Local chamber of commerce is a great place to get referrals. Basically, its mainly about connecting with other business enthusiasts in your locality but that connection can be converted into leads. You just have to be confident that you know your business very well. Don't get...
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    QR code on back of Business Card

    QR codes are really great to be put on your business cards. It will trigger a curiosity to the receiver's mind what's behind that code. It is also a way to boost your website traffic or social media campaigns.
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I do prefer Administrative Consultant for some reasons (to make an impression & avoid getting "blank stares") and explain what I actually do with my elevator speech. After which, I hand out my business cards with Business Administrative Consultant/ Virtual Assistant title.
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    Problem Marketing Myself and My Business

    I would totally agree with Janine. Sometimes you need to be willing to offer something without "expecting" something in return yet. Sometimes it takes to invest a time, effort and even money to gain a goo reputation. Volunteering for a non-profit organization would be a great opportunity to...
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    Most requested tasks for REVAs?

    Hello! I have worked with several independent RE agents for a year. Agents usually give me specified tasks on what to do such as designing flyers, business cards & brochures (thank goodness I'm capable of design), manage social media accounts, create presentations, etc.
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    Question Samples of Work

    Hello VANewbie! Yes I agree withag21west, creating mock-ups could actually work. That way you'll be able to showcase your work & skills. You can also ask for "testimonials" from your previous clients (referring to office jobs institution) or a testimonial from your manager/supervisor on how you...
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    Flyer Postcard vs Brochure

    Well that still depends on your target "audience"/ market (say for example - age, gender, interest etc.). You can send brochures for those prospect clients who're more interested in reading (older ones usually prefer to read) or what your product/ service is all about. Whereas, creative...
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    Are you printing your own business cards or having them done somewhere?

    Hello emgmcv12! Long ago I have my business cards printed through local printing services but I switched to online printing services. I find it more convenient to just upload my design and have my business cards delivered in my door.
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    When meeting a potential client...

    It still depends on what kind of services/ products you are offering. Well for me, when I have face-to-face meetings with new clients, I only bring the "necessary" things I need. Whether its an "informal" meeting (coffee or lunch meeting) or close door meeting and I'm dealing with "big bosses"...
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    FedEx Printing for Biz Cards

    Hello gayellete! You sure have a wonderful card! I've seen business card printing sale at (for Aussie businesses). For their matte laminated (2 sides) business cards I think its buy 250 get 250 for free.
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    What do you take to a trade show?

    Hi VN Linda! Definitely! When you are attending trade shows, expos, conferences, etc, print ads are really important! Especially your business cards, they're your most valuable asset as of the moment. The real challenge is, making your cards or promotional items to stand out from others. The...
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    Portfolio questions

    Hi Fe! I'm great! Yes, you have to ask your previous client about that matter. It is very important to do so. But of course, they'll allow it with limited details (other clients would prefer not put their pictures, last names, etc), it would still depend on your previous clients. I just have no...
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    What do you enjoy doing?

    Hi Tamara! As for me, I love doing graphic designs(I usually design promotional items including flyers, mugs, t-shirts, business cards, invitation cards, logos, etc.), social media marketing, writing/ blogging, photography and a whole lot more.... I refer my self as a "divergent". Haha! Well, I...