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    Chances of a newbie being considered for subcontracting?

    It's all in what a newbie puts into selling themself. A great way to start doing that to be considered for subcontracting projects is to become known for a service you love to provide. This forum is a great place for a lot of encouragement. One great thing about subcontracting is you can...
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    Are there Subcontractors who only want to sub?

    As I always say as a subcontractor other virtual businesses are your clients. You still have to find the clients and sell yourself. Subbing isn't an easy job because you have to stick out from all the others in some way. The biggest reason I LOVE subcontracting is because there are some...
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    A question on VA to VA working relationships and rates - please share your experiences

    Sometimes I think new VAs get so focused on gaining experience they charge way too low. I like to make sure I charge a percentage to cover another VAS overhead expenses for finding the clients.
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    Subcontractor Question

    Remember the person you sub for are your clients. If you're a FT sub you could have a regular rate or do a percentage off to give them somewhat of a deal.
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    Subcontractor's pickup lines, NOT to use!

    This may be a good topic to bring back up for some of the new members. It's intended to be helpful. when I started I wish someone would have shared some of this with me.
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    What Project Management Software do you use?

    Re: What PM Software do you use? We use Basecamp however looking into other options. They charge alot considering others have very similar options.
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    Question Tax Due Date Calendar w/WI State & Fed

    I'm desperately looking for a tax calendar that shows what is due for WI employers. We're Agriculture so if it's a template I can adjust as needed. You can reply with a link or PM if you need to send a file.
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    Is Subcontracting for You? Revisited

    Glad you liked it. I hope it encourages others. It's a great way to learn what you love doing. Other VAs pick up on that sort of thing quickly.
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    How Many Clients do You Have?

    As a subcontractor myself. It's not about the number of clients, it's about being the right fit to the service provider. I only do this part-time and don't require a certain amount of hours. Thankfully I have four clients at one time or another through out the month.
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    *gasp* I can not find anyone with my niche

    It may be a good thing if you don't find many in your niche. However, I know Sharon Williams owner of The 24 hour secretary focuses on convention preperation. It could be a similar concept. In fact, I had interviewed her on the Savvy Subcontracting podcast. She shared specific tasks that she...
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    How should I bill for subcontract work?

    Remember the other VAs are also your clients. So yes do what you normally do. One thing I do is offer a discount rate for other service providers when I subcontract.
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    Win a FREE 6 month featured link in the VAF Directory!

    As Steve Job's said "Find your true passion and do what you love to do." That's exactly what I'm doing with my virtual business.
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    Free templates for everything under the sun at Microsoft

    I use these templates all the time. What's nice is that you can build on them too. I haven't submitted any but that is a goal of mine to help others soon.
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    When did you quit your day job and start working from home?

    Re: When did you quit your day job Unfortunatly I haven't yet but I keep telling myself things happen for a reason. Sometimes a little push out the door may be helpful. I started a survey on this forum because I was curious how many VA's are full-time.
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    Any VAs that are software dealers?

    Last week I accompanied my husband to the national farm show in KY. What fun that was:) There were a ton of vendors that have software available to farmers but they work through dealers vs a retailer. Curious if any of the VAs in the forum have gotten into being a dealer for specific...