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    Vote on Best Website Platform!

    Hi Everyone, I have just started using Wix and I love it. The best part is that it has a blog feature of its own but can also be integrated with WP blog and it has all these great plugins. I've had my domain name for about 2 years now with Godaddy but wanted something a bit more user friendly...
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    Just got this feedback. What do you think?

    Hi Allie, So true, :thumbsup:the personal connections mean more in this business than the transaction. I too understand both sides of this experience and think that experience has been the teacher on finding the right balance with the client. Some would appreciate the daily notifications and...
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    Website review please :O)

    Hi Chuckles, These are some great instructions for creating hyperlinks in Wordpress. All the best, Carone
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    Project Management Software

    I haven't seen any fully integrated free options, but Getflow is OK and so is ActivCollab. The pricing is fair especially if you have a team. Best of luck! Carone
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    Feedback on website/logo

    The website is clean and very professional. You have a dynamic logo and it works well. Just a few aesthetic items: --at the bottom of the page, is the footer bleeding through the Contact us bar? --on the payment page, perhaps add some image buttons-- especially for the PayPal option so...
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    Buffer vs Hootsuite

    I have a client who is looking to consolidate contractors and streamline sales, social media and product support. She currently uses Feedly to manage the blog traffic but these folks don't get filtered to the CMS. I am familiar with Hootsuite, never heard of Buffer. How steep of a learning...
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    Building and Maintaining a Mailing List

    There are some great ideas on this thread. Listbuilding is something I want to do more of in 2014. Having recently attended a training for this, the advice given here is right on point. Thanks much. Best wishes, Carone
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    Website review please :O)

    Hi Chuckles, I can see that you have put a lot of work into launching this site. It looks great and you use the contrast of images well and have concise content. I agree with the other posts that the Home page needs attention; it really informs the first impression that prospects will have of...
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    Question Concierge Type Services

    Concierge services is a great niche if you are in the right market. I enjoy providing this service because I get immediate satisfaction from helping keep my clients organized. The goal is to replace the types of tasks the client would delegate to an in office admin or personal assistant. The...
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    The ideal client - how did you find yours?

    This is my second year in business and I have 1 ideal client which is down from 5 at one time. It is difficult letting go of the less than ideal ones but while it meant a reduction in income it resulted in a refining of goals. I have now moved from being a generalist to a specialist. I...
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    Tips to Increase Online Security and Password Management - Your Virtual Assistant Blog

    This article is fantastic; you highlighted some great points. I hadn't heard of Passpack before and have been using LastPass for a while and it has worked really well. Thanks for sharing, Carone
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    VA/Small Business Must Haves

    My must have may seem old fashioned but I can't get by without my file folders. Keeping client files and written notes of my discussions with them keeps me sane. Also, I use a Skype recorder so that I can go back to a conversation when I need clarification. Whenever I use this, I inform the...
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    Virtual Assitant work not being International

    Thanks for the words of encouragement "twenty47". I also have worked in the US and have encountered clients who want people in their time zone and others who prefer to have their VAs working while they are asleep. So at times I have had clients in Australia while I am in EST. It does pay to...
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    Business Bank Account??

    Thank you for the information on AccountNow. It seems that it would work as a quick fix but how would you receive the funds from clients? It looks like they would have to direct deposit to the AccountNow account? Is this correct? Many thanks, Carone
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    Ideas for elevator speech?

    Hello Denice, Thank you for forwarding on this gem. This info is great and can be implemented without much delay. Many thanks, Carone