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    Feedback on website/logo

    Awesome website! I like it!
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    Question Logo Advice

    You can also use Canva to create your logo.
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    Logo Opinions/Advice

    The first one looks better. It's balanced.
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    Logo Review Please

    Logos look good! I like the 3rd one.
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    Business name feedback

    Virtual Creative Consulting sounds good.
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    Question Company Tag Line / Motto

    How's it going? What did you come up with?
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    Need opinions on tagline, logo and name

    Your name and tagline sound good! I like logo 1.
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    What do you think of this logo?

    It looks good! I like it!
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    Tagline thoughts?

    I think The experience you need, results you can trust sounds good.
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    Feedback on tagline please

    I like what Beth suggests.
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    New Logo

    Looks great!
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    Feedback on my tagline, please!

    How's it going? What did you choose?
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    Picking an e-mail address

    I think using your first name sounds approachable.
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    Question My logo, name and tagline

    How's it going? What did you come up with?
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    Tagline Help

    Virtually Organizing the Chaos sounds good!