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    Free EBook- FB Business Pages 101

    Thank you so much. This should be a great help. I'm off to read it now!
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    Getting new bookkeeping clients

    Re: Getting new clients I think one of the best ways is to go to networking meetings. I just started my business a few weeks ago and have been to two meetings and already have 2 clients and others that I'm talking to. I was very surprised at how well they went.
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    My first networking meeting was great!

    Thanks Renee! I have another one tonight with the American Business Women's Assoc. I like the networking meetings also since I get the chance to interact with other people. Working from home you don't really get to do that!
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    Appointment Setting as a service - special phone system?

    I've been wondering this myself. Thanks for asking!
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    Question Google Voice

    I just signed up last week for Google Voice without an invite. :)
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    G'day from Western Australia

    I'm sorry!!! My eyes aren't working this morning!!!
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    New to Blogging

    I've only done a personal blog in Blogger. It was very easy to use but many of my Blogger friends started using Wordpress about the time I stopped blogging. They liked it better then blogger. Besides that I don't have much to else to offer. I'm working on my website now and would like to include...
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    G'day from Western Australia

    Hi Birdie! Welcome to the forum! It's been really helpful to be here! Good luck with your business!!!
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    What's your title on your business card?

    I went with Owner/Virtual Assistant. I used Virtual Assistant since it's not in my company name. If it was part of the name then I wouldn't have used it.
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    Name with tag

    I like the name! You have a name that can be used. My last name tends to make people think "Hoochie Mam"a and then my image is gone! I'm not sure about the tag line... maybe I just don't get it. I'm not the creative one around here. Have you tried putting your logo on photobucket or flickr? You...
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    Business Name or Tag line

    Hi Jenn! I think it's great for a tag line. I'm not sure about it being a business name. It seems long. Then again, you never know what will work for you until you try it! :)
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    My first networking meeting was great!

    I'm just starting up but I was invited to a networking meeting on Friday. I figured why not! It's never to early to start. It was great! The women were wonderful and so friendly! I made some wonderful contacts and one is already working out for me and I'm hoping the others pan out as well...
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    I have a name!

    Thank you Jules! I was trying to think of something with Partner in it. I had thought of sidekick but Batman and Robin kept jumping into my head! I like the last one also!
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    I have a name!

    Thanks Cath! I was actually thinking about that on my way to the airport tonight. Thank you for reminding me!!! Hehe!
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    How did you come up with the name for your virtual assistance company?

    I finally posted something on Facebook for all of my friends to help me. I had some names come in but none of them really jumped out at me. Then a friend that I had made that day made a suggestion and the name just jumped out at me. I'm not good at the name thing or the tag line thing! Still...