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    New VA - Hello Everyone

    Hi Michelle, welcome! I've learned a lot reading the forums and I know you will too! :)
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    Blog and Website: Integration or Separation?

    I agree. A blog is meant to drive traffic to your website, so definitely integrate.
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    Help Answering this Question

    My experience on Elance has been similar to Moiraesfate. I've had much better luck responding to RFPs and networking.
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    Hello Im a Data entry VA in Odesk

    Welcome! :) I've also learned a lot from this forum, and I'm sure you will too!
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    Question Where do most of your new clients come from?

    I mostly get my clients through networking, whether through referrals or RFPs I've heard about through contacts.
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    The Perfect Potential Client Phone Call

    Lovely - thanks for sharing! I've been updating my PC call talking points and this was perfect.
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    Set Time Frames and On Call?!

    The client/VA relationship can be a difficult one to navigate at times because clients aren't always familiar with working with freelance administrative service providers. I hope newer VAs find this thread and take note so they don't think they need to be on call for clients.
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    What questions do you ask new clients during your consultation, and what are their questions?

    Great tips! Christina's response got me pumped, too! :)
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    Had a phone consultation - now what?

    This thread is an oldie but a goodie! Definitely using that closing line sometime.
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    The RFP Red Flag Series: Clients Who Miss the Scheduled Client Consultation

    Great article! I've had a PC flake on me, then try to call me twice just hours before our scheduled call. It was immensely frustrating and I wasn't sure how to handle the situation. In retrospect I realize she wasn't respecting my time.
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    Anyone Have A Retainer Contract or Addendum?

    Making a note to myself. I'm speaking to a prospective client today for whom I suspect I'll need a contract addendum should we decide to work together.
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    Virtual Assistant Forms

    I'm bookmarking this for later. Thanks all!
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    Where to start with SEO?

    I'm bookmarking this thread - so many helpful resources! Thanks so much for sharing, everyone!
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    Which Type of Businesses Use Virtual Assistant Services?

    Great poll! My clients have been retail entrepreneurs, consultants, tech startup founders, and training and coaching professionals. Our personal skills and strengths vs. client needs determine which professionals gravitate toward our services.
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    Keeping track of passwords...etc.

    Great question! I store mine electronically using LastPass. I find it really convenient, and many of my clients have had LastPass accounts as well! Jessica