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    Your thoughts please...

    I have looked for another company but am finding it hard to even get a response from them. I guess that there is a lot of competition out there however good you are! If anyone has any suggestions of companies that may be looking for transcribers I would really appreciate it. I mainly look at...
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    Your thoughts please...

    Thanks for all you responses. Just to clarify I do have a contract with the company but it doesn't mention any of this. I guess I'm going to be looking for someone else to work with..... thanks again.
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    File Sharing

    Hi everyone What do you all use for uploading/downloading files from your clients? I know of File Manager and Share File. I was wondering if there was anything else out there that is recommended. As usual I appreciate all you help and suggestions! Best wishes, Jo
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    Your thoughts please...

    Thanks Bridie. I had a feeling that's what people would say. I won't pull the plug for the moment as they are the only company I'm working for but I'm definitely going to start looking for something else.
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    Your thoughts please...

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to the transcription world and I've been working with a transcription company for a few months now and have come across a few things that I'm not sure about. The client uploaded the wrong files to them and I dutifully typed them up and had finished when the call came...
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    New to the Forum

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I find this forum to be great, not only for information but also to boost your self-confidence. It's full of great people who are more than willing to share their ideas and help in any way that they can.
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    How much to charge for transcription? Per hour, per project, per page, per line or per word

    Re: Per hour, per project, per page, per line or per word I find that most clients prefer to be charged by the audio minute. For a clear 60 minute audio I find it takes me 3 to 4 hours. This is to type it up and then to check it and make any corrections. If it's not clear or you have a lot of...
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    Interview with Brianna Young of Virtual Solutions

    Re: 11/2007 Interview with Brianna Young of Virtual Solutions Great Interview - thanks. I agreed with a lot of what you say. Now I must put it into practice!
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    Would Event Planning be a niche market?

    Hello Deb I was just wondering how you had got on with exploring the Virtual Event Planning area. Would you mind posting an update? It's always interesting to hear how follow VA's have got on.
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    Logo help

    Thanks for posting this. It's brought up some great ideas that I'll look into. I've been struggling with my logo too but maybe one of these can help. Good Luck with finding what you want.
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    Hello from the UK!

    Welcome to the Forum Sam. I know exactly how you feel as my passion is Photography but there just isn't the work out there at the moment. My professional background is secretarial so this year I decided to go back to my roots and start up from home. I find that transcription is a good way to...
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the Forum. Keep at it and it will work. It's hard getting people to trust you but once you've got one or two then it will soon get busier!
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    Welcome to the Board. I'm sure you'll find all the info that you need here. I'm also a VA, but based in Europe. I find it suits my lifestyle perfectly as I also have furry kids that need regular walks! The dogs that is, the cats don't seem to mind....
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    I Don't Know what took me so long

    Hi Nikki I keep asking myself the same question. I've been an ex-pat living in The Netherlands for 10 years and could have started this up many many years ago. Maybe it's just the time is right now! Good Luck and enjoy this forum. It has a lot of useful information. :seeya:
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    Time it takes to transcribe an hour

    It helps a lot Karen, thank you. I'm getting quicker and think that I'm about average now. Thanks again everyone for your advice and comments.