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    I have organized several of them. Questions: where will the MUs be? your home, the library, office shop, etc. I never wanted any strangers in my home. Mine were social so it was always somewhere on the outside. What type of meetup will you be having? Social or VA related? I always included a...
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    Operations manual.

    I do, that is one of the first things I did when starting up my business. I think it is important to have all your policies in place along with a disaster preparedness guide/checklist. So many terrible things happening around the world today so this would come in handy for that if the worst...
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    Question Typing Rates

    Thanks Lisa, I appreciate your help!
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    Question Typing Rates

    This woman that called wanted to know my charge, and I said I wasn't sure, either by the word or the page, but when she said 'handwritten notes' I was thinking, spelling, editing, etc. I didn't even mention hourly though. She wanted to come by and bring it over but I don't really like to have...
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    Question Typing Rates

    Thanks Stephanie, Appreciate your help.....
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    Question Typing Rates

    A woman just called looking for a rate to type up some hand written notes to send to her attorney. She has half a steno book of notes, she writes big. This may require extra time to edit and maybe correct spelling. Would anyone be able to give me a standard rate for this? I have no idea what to...
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    Link Science of Color

    Thanks for sharing. I think it is important to choose your colors wisely not only for branding purposes but for the effect on website viewers. Whether for personal or business use, colors make you feel a certain way, for me it does anyway. My favorite is blue which is a calm feeling for me. But...
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    Home Office Lighting Options

    Re: Lighting Options Ruth, I have two lamps, one is a desktop and the other is a floor lamp, both the same. Called Verilux, available everywhere. It uses tube lights that last forever. When they burn out I get them at my local lighting place also. Inexpensive to replace and they screw in...
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    Resource Wordpress is experiencing brute force attacks - change passwords now

    Re: Wordpress is having brute force attacks - change passwords now Thanks Michelle, I actually get the HG blog but didn't get to read it yet so your timing was great!
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    First Free Consult Call

    I agree with a checklist. I keep a list on my bulletin board of everything I want to ask PCs. After the first few times, you will probably get a better idea of what you need to ask. My plan is to let the PC talk and tell me everything he/she is looking for. Then I chime in with my questions...
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    Resource Image size cheat-sheet

    Very good resource, thank you so much!
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    PO Boxes

    Sounds like the PO box is working for you right now Lee.....:)
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    PO Boxes

    Lee, I just read your post and wanted to mention that when I moved into the house I live in now, I replaced the mailbox. I wanted my mail to be safe when I traveled or went up north. So I bought a locking mailbox. It has a flap that you can remove which allows your mail to drop to the bottom of...
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    PO Boxes

    I had one for years, it solved my problem of what to put on stationary and on my website. I wanted something where people could contact me and mail me paperwork, if necessary, without revealing my home address. This was always a safety factor also since I live alone. I just rented the smallest...
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    Announcement PayPal Policy Change

    Nikki, I am interested in how Chase works too? I prefer checks but it can be time consuming and cause delays. Today everyone wants everything done now (me included). Do your clients make online payments to your checking account at Curious? :confusion: Thanks