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    Hey everyone It's me john from the USA. I'm 30 years old. I'm new here and wanted to join your community. Working as a marketing agent...
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    Need advice for virtual bookkeeping

    yes, there are many professional bookkeepers who can assist you in maintaining your accounting record while working from home. Further, it will be easier for you both to work remotely.
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    How to Increase New Visitor?

    As in 2k19 do not forget the E-mail outreach, yes it is a traditional yet still an effective source to gain traffic. Other than that, start writing on topics with low competition publish blogs. Watch out for web 2.0 techniques.
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    What is the business branding strategy?

    Exactly, these are the elements that are significant but you need a strong branding strategy to achieve goal you've desired for. Make it go viral, depending on your business nature and identification of your potential customer's needs.