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    Question Offering Wordpress as a service - how much experience is needed?

    This thread interests me as I'm learning more HTML/CSS and a local wordpress group has an emphasis on Genesis Studio (for it's user friendly backend versus front end design). Love to hear more from this thread!
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    Do you have a sell sheet?

    Wow, that's a fabulous idea. Glad you posted an example. I'm working on one for myself pronto!
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    Question top 10 SEO free tools/apps for Virtual assistant

    I would like to add to this, if you use WordPress, as that's a popular VA tool, the Yoast, widget app. It's specifically for SEO and has extensive options within Worpress.
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    2013 Home Based Small Business statistics from

    Encouraging statistics. As usual, it'd be great if there were other ways to get more details extrapolating the stats, however, thanks for sharing!
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    What info do you give in RFP?

    I'm glad this thread popped up again as I missed it the first time! I'd suggest someone to post some examples or a check list on what to include if this involves much more that a targeted cover letter. Yes each RPF response is unique but even when when involved in adult group learning, samples...
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    Tag line feedback

    Thanks, yeah I'm back and forth about the complexity of catalyzing: generate, innovate (too trendy), cultivate, activate....
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    Online Todo list

    I'd have to day I agree with this old school way. While I do put things on my calendar, and I definitely need it for project management, I've finally come to the conclusion that pen & paper in the form of a daily journal is the best way for me to update to-do lists. Even writing it down again...
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    Local Chamber of Commerce

    Just to add my recent experience, I have been going to my local Chamber of Commerce and while it's been inspiring, certainly many like minded people, I'm not sure how to go about networking beyond the mindset of 'getting clients'. Many of those attending are small businesses looking for stronger...
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    Article on which networks get referrals vs engagement

    This article on networking sites talks about which ones attract more engagement (hint: LinkIn, G+) and which more referrals (Facebook, Twitter, etc): Check out the article here.
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    Which Type of Businesses Use Virtual Assistant Services?

    Re: Which Type of Businesses Use VA Services? This thread is extremely helpful! While I like my chosen niche (somewhere in the realm of communication graphics/WordPress/marketing), I'm still still all over with my target clientele. I keep saying small businesses but even that's wide open. It's...
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    Resource 8 Reasons Why You're Not Making Money

    This is a good reminder for me to be the source of my own abundance stay focused!
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    Very Interesting Info Re: S-Corps and Tax Advantages

    This is interesting in that an accountant once suggested to me when I asked about an LLC status. She responded that in planning for LLC taxes (which requires an enormous yearly fee in CA) to apply the taxes as an S-Corp. I'm gathering that the suggestion was one had a choice in how to prepare...
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    Tag line feedback

    Hmm yeah something like "Catalyzing You to Step Up Your Success!" sounds great, but then again my generalized business name may make potential clients wonder...doing what? However, I'm not sure if that has to be definitively answered within a tagline. For example, I can then include a two...
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    Tag line feedback

    Bingo! That's the interplay and logic I'm looking for! Thanks for the input and spelling it out for me. "blueprint" was just another word for support, foundation etc... But yes the 'Stepping up' sounds fun as does emphasizing the result first. Back to the drawing board!
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    Tag line feedback

    My new business is named Digital Hopscotch which was essentially the name of a website blog I already own about education. While education is a good niche essentially I'm planning a virtual assistant business with an emphasis on graphic design communication. Already my first client is a woman...