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    New VA ready to rock!

    Fantastic niche Shiloh! I do believe you'll be bringing alot of joy to many people.
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    Hi Deb, Welcome! I am also new to the forum, but believe me, you're going to walk away from here knowledge enriched. All the best with your new business!
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    Business Launch

    Wow, very exciting @sovaprof! Hope it has been going really well for you! I will be able to launch my brand new website in the upcoming weeks and I'm very excited about it! Hope to hear from all those that posted here about how its going with the brand new launching of your websites/business.
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    Question What Part(s) of Adobe Do I REALLY Need?

    Hi Lisa, Not sure if this will help, however, there's a site called for web form building. We've used it and find it very helpful, maybe this could help you out a bit too.
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    Logo Design Recommendation

    Hi there, I just read on another post here in VAF of Logo Garden, Looks like a really cool website and may be just what you need.
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    Thinking of changing my name too

    I also vote for MyReliableVirtualAssistant. To me it says what you do and makes me want to find out more about what you offer and how you can help me. The tagline "A spectrum of services" is also catchy. All the best with this!
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    Free logo software

    Hi Tracy, Thanks for this tip! Even for someone like me who is graphically challenged, I too can now be creative! Thanks :-)
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    Question What supplies do you Absolutely Need to Start?

    I invested in a very comfortable, supportive office chair and desk with a proper desklamp for those late nights :-) I also keep an electronic folder for all my e-books ranging from blogging to attracting clients to SEO management. You can never have enough information!
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    Keeping Your Computer Healthy - Business Darlings

    Great tips ladies! Definitely #1 is backing up and remembering routine maintenance on the laptop.
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    Anyone upgrade to Windows 8 on non-touch screen?

    I bought a new laptop recently that come with Windows 8 and I'm loving it! Probably because I have an Android phone, so the look and feel is familiar. Great short cut tips : if you go to your windows page (or home page if you will) and just start typing, for instance, "Calculator" then it brings...
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    What's the best way to organize and schedule daily/ weekly repeating tasks?

    Hi Marj, I by force of habit (1) use my Outlook calendar as a reminder and don't snooze anything more than twice. (2) Try to group like-minded projects together, like social media, etc. (3) Focus 2-hours on every project cycle so that each of my clients get the attention they deserve. (4) Never...
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    Giddy over this presentation site

    I concur Alice! I am delighted that I signed up on VAF, as the extensive knowledge that has been shared is invaluable :-)
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    New & green with WordPress

    Shame Marie, wishing you all the very best, and may you take only good pointers from this exercise :-)
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    When is the appropriate time to remind a client about our agreed meeting?

    With existing clients I feel it is appropriate to send an email reminder a day before the time. When it comes to potential clients a week prior to the agreed meeting time and 1 day before the time has been acceptable so far.
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    Hint For all of you wanting brochures etc.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us Serita! Some awesome stuff :-)