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    Question To be a Quickbooks Proadvisor or not?

    YW Teresa - you get a lot for that extra $200. I passed the test and became certified less than a week ago. I got my first call today but I couldn't help them. They were looking for someone with POS experience. Too bad for me - maybe next time.
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    Question To be a Quickbooks Proadvisor or not?

    Hi Teresa, Congrats on your business and your new and potential clients. I just finished the ProAdvisor course. It was a lot of information in a short amount of time. Very educational! I have been using QB since 1991 and still learned a lot from the course. :thumbsup: I don't know...
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    What bookkeeping program is good!

    I use QB and love it!!! I agree Shellea - it is extremely user friendly and easy to teach to clients.
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    Hi I'm a New VA!

    Welcome Melissa! I also love your name. Welcome to the forum. There is so much great information here you could just sit and read for days and never read it all. It's all so very helpful.
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    Free Virtual Assistant Contract - contributed by 'BYoung'

    Re: Free Sample Virtual Assistant/Client Agreement - contributed by 'BYoung' Thanks so much!! This is exactly what I need.
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    A Great Resource

    Thanks Shellye. What a great site. You don't see much information on Corporate Minutes and it's so simple yet important. A lot of other good information as well.
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    QuickBooks 2009 ProAdvisor Certification Course

    Thanks and Good Luck to you as well!!
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service I have read and understand the new terms.
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Hi Tammy! Welcome to the Forum. The information here is fantastic and the people are even better! Good luck and I hope you reach your goal soon.
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    Hello Out There

    Hi Lynn! Welcome to the Forum. You are absolutely right - there is a wealth of information here. It took me a year but I am finally up and running! Use the information here and check out the VAF Mentoring group. Lee gave me just the push I needed to get over the hump. Good Luck!
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    I finally did it!!

    Thanks Sharon - Good luck with your site. Mine is a Go Daddy Website Tonight. I wanted something easy since I am NOT a website designer. Looking forward to seeing your site.
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    I finally did it!!

    Thanks to all who reviewed the site. I appreciate the feedback.
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    Question regarding training and experience

    The church and non-profit is absolutely true! I set up the books for our church and it was a great experience. They have spread the word and I have had a couple of people ask me questions about Quickbooks. Hopefully this will lead to some business in the future and if not, it was definitely a...
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    I finally did it!!

    Thanks for the comments! I was so excited to get to the computer and find some input. Serita - I did my testimonials last and did not proof - shame on me! I was just so excited to get the site posted. I will make those corrections today. Sylvia - it wasn't that difficult - it is a go...
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    I finally did it!!

    My website is up and running! :applause: I would appreciate your honest comments and concerns. I am a bookkeeper not a website publisher so I'm sure there are some changes that I can make to enhance my site.:yikes: Thanks so much in advance for...