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    Where can I get good HTML training?

    Re: HTML training Did you try codeacademy? They have a great track on HTML which you can apply to Infusionsoft or any other program that accepts HTML.
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    Question My Ideal Client .. ?

    Your ideal client is not about your needs, wants and likes but theirs. So I offer technical support and mentoring. This is my ideal client, the person I want to work with who would benefit from my skills. She is a solo biz owner who uses outsourcing and team members. She is high 5 to 6 fig...
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    What tools like hootsuite do you use?

    Buffer and SMQue. SMQue is my evergreen updated and special targeted stuff. Buffer is used for sharing in the moment items link blog posts I find interesting or trending stuff. I only use Buffer for Facebook along with scheduled posts. I tried MeetEdger by Laura Roedler but I found too...
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    Managing your time

    Alyana I have a whole system in place and everything goes on my calendar. Here's a little look: For all client project, I use Asana to keep track. Everything gets a task and that's what I follow during my "client-time" on my schedule. I use Harvest for any time tracking I need to do which...
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    Lets be friends

    Looks good my suggestion are -- change the copy on your home page to address your clients and not you -- I get the 3 images (wine glass, etc.) but they may confuse some. -- add more copy on the pages for SEO purposes And I agree with Janine, you need something about you. Take the fact...
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    My website is up!

    Your site took a long time to load on my computer (Macbook using Chrome). Love that you are using white space but there is a lot of wasted area in the header and above the fold. You may want to tighten that up a bit. I know what you do but how can you help me? Your site is about your...
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    Question What online software did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner

    Re: What online softwares did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner My go to is definitely Bufferapp and I am testing out MeetEdgar but that may not be a beginner thing because it is pricey.
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    Question Who among you are Social Media Marketers?

    I use social media for my biz but am by no means a SMM. Are you looking for specific information or trying to get a general feel for who here is offering the service?
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    Hello I really haven't come up with a niche

    Yes being VA to bakers is a niche because you are targeting a specific market or services geared to bakers. Yes you can be a VA to everyone in the US. You really should choose a market to target to so that you can hone your message and attract those you want to work with. Targeting a specific...
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    Wordpress help!

    What is the link to your site? I can see what I can find on my end with the URL. Sometimes you need to go in and resave. It may work, it may not. Does it happen in all browsers or one specific?
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    How to get clients?

    Forgive me for being perceived as rude but why on earth are we discussing employees here? We are not employees and that mindset must go. As far as finding clients, there are tons of posts here on marketing, finding clients and good practices. There is no one right way to find clients and for...
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    VA Subscriptions Worth It?

    If you are subscribing just for access to the RFPs then no member site is worth it. However, if you look at what else they offer then some are. IVAA does get a good amount of RFPs but they also have tons who respond to them. Like others have said this should only be part of your plan. I am a...
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    Thoughts on Insightly, ContactME, Nutshell, & HighRise.

    All have their pluses and minuses. What are you looking to track? I use my vCita as part of my CRM system because I can follow up with all those who have scheduled with me. I use Quoteroller for those opportunities. I found that none of the systems out there fit what I needed them for so I...
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    Job Fair

    Which ones match your target market or ideal client? Start with those. I would put together a tip sheet on working with a VA (instead of traditional employee) and what you offer. Keep it simple. The ones you are really interested in working with, approach them and have a conversation. I...
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    Easy to Customize Premium Themes

    There are a lot of great options out there, but you need to be careful. The "theme builders" like Divi and Avada use shortcodes to do the builds. That means if you decide to move to another theme there's lots of leftover stuff, being the shortcodes. Here's the thing, it's not about the design...