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    What can I do in SEO for a ranking in the USA?

    Do competitor analysis for your targeted keyword in USA and create a list to get link by reaching out by mail. Do gust post with targeted keywords preferably in popular US guest posting sites
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    Android app developments

    Mobile applications play a vital role in today’s product startups by acting as an interface to customers and by acting as control units. As a android app developments company, we focus on scalability and security of the applications as we have built more than 100 apps over the last 14 years for...
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    Real time asset tracking

    The data captured in real-time through sensors, IoT devices power the executives to utilize the machines, humans wisely and manage the inventory better. High performing machines will be involved in critical production and deploying less labours for less critical production will result in reduced...
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    Top IoT Challenges In 2021

    IoT app development and implementations are no short of challenges. In this post, we engaged with some of the Founders, Co-Founders, and CEOs to share their insights on the biggest IoT challenges they will face in 2021 and we have shared some interesting responses below.
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    How to measure your app’s success?

    How to measure your app’s success? Are there any key KPIs to track quality and performance? Yes, there are. This post throws light on a few KPIs you can consider to measure your applications’ quality and growth. You can either perform this on your own or take the help of an expert mobile app...
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    Enterprise Mobile App Development

    Traditional processes and systems no longer help companies and businesses adapting advanced technologies are experiencing better customer engagement and RoI. Enterprise mobile app development along with cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, IoT helps organizations to leverage opportunities and...
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    Preventive maintenance system for detecting defective material

    Having a preventive maintenance system will enable the workforce to perform the equipment checks on the go. It makes the job of the workforce easier as they can identify the defective material easily and report to the authorities from anywhere, any time. By this way, improving the quality and...
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    Robotics in healthcare

    Robotics in healthcare Recent trend in healthcare suggest that Robots help medical personnel perform routine tasks faster to help them focus on other pressing responsibilities. Such automation in healthcare makes medical procedures safer and less expensive for patients. The huge advantage of...
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    Internet of medical things

    Internet of Things (IoT) has started to impact the Healthcare Industry through smart connected-devices, systems, and things that are used by billions of users to leverage data and help them make more timely, specific, and contextualized decisions. IoT in the Healthcare industry has opened doors...
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    Enterprise web applications

    The enterprise web application helps the project heads and workforce with the mobile app and enables the CEOs or managers to view the complete project data in a centralized dashboard. The real-time data enables the leaders to make faster and better decisions with regards to the existing and new...
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    Field sales automation

    Most sales team faces these challenges and look for solutions to negotiate them. A simple yet effective solution to transform the way the sales teamwork is by investing in field sales automation solution. There is a misconception in the business landscape that field sales automation solutions...
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    The reason why Digital transformation fail !!

    Most digital transformations fail because of high-level decisions of C-level executives who don’t consider the technology scalability, infrastructure, employee adoption challenges while preparing the company for the digital push.
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    Successful digital transformation

    As business transformation using digital technologies is a long haul, executing the program without any plan can be detrimental to business, as this involves people along with model and culture. And, partnering with reliable digital transformation services is highly recommended for success.
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    Digital Transformation in Healthcare

    With a huge volume of patients visiting every health center, it is extremely critical for these institutions to adopt digital strategies and solutions to provide thorough and faster patient care. Especially, dealing with a massive volume of patient data and records is often challenging (often...