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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    Tamara, I am from Central Indiana as well. At one time I referred to myself as a Virtual Professional. But like you stated, that brought about a glazed look from everyone I met. Then I started explaining myself as "A professional who provides busines management function from my home office...
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    Research as a niche? Not just online but helping researchers...

    I agree that more VAs could offer research as a niche. With so much Internet information and library resources available (at no cost to us), the amount of data we have to choose from is endless. One of my core competencies for my business is online research, but I also keep in the reserves of...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Sajida Welcome to the family. You are in good company. This site has been a blessing to me, and I'm sure you will find everything you need here.
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    Thoughts on Logo?

    I like it because it is strong, modern, and powerful. It is a great representation of the business that is behind it.
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    Thoughts on new Website?

    LeeDrozak, I think it is very nice. I really like your color scheme. It looks and feels "legal". I agree with many of the things that Susankelly stated, especially the large boxes. Secondly, the one page site kinda weirded me out. I've never seen that before. On most sites, there is at...
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    Disaster Preparedness

    I am a huge proponent of cloud storage. Where many people worry about its security aspects, I don't. I believe I have been using DrobBox since its inception, and haven't experienced one single issue. I also have a One Drive cloud account and a 2TB external hard drive that I use to backup my...
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    Feedback on my website, please

    Hi, Laura. I like your website. It is clean and inviting. It flows very well and makes me want to read further. Your Home Page is wonderful - an eye catcher. On the "Services Offered" page, I would make the categories (Research Assistance, Writing Support, Administrative Services) stand out...
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    How to grow your newsletter list

    A newsletter is one of the items I plan to insert in my initial business information packet and to provide to the client as it changes. I have not started building it yet, but this forum provides me with some great information and ideas.
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    VA/Small Business Must Haves

    All of the items listed here are essentials, from the pen & paper all the way to QuickBooks, Gmail, and organizational skills. But there are two things that I find to be essentials for me, and they are a large 29" or larger monitor screen and a place to call my own where no one can enter unless...
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    What do you find is the greatest demand?

    Emmeelue84, I am also seeing a great deal of phone-call VA requests, but unfortunately this is not something that I can offer because my business is part time. Web design is also something that seems to be hitting the scene with a great deal of force. I may need to learn Wordpress. But one...
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    When asked why you chose to be a Virtual Assistant...

    Re: When asked why you chose to be a VA... I have been asked this question, and my response was always that I chose to get an MBA so that I could manage my own business and not someone else's fro the rest of my life. I am appreciative of all that I have learned from my previous jobs, but not...
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    Dedicated room for home office

    I had to keep in mind that as my business needs grew, so would my office space needs. When I purchase my home, I chose a room with a window view just in case I felt a little cooped up too long in one space. It just so happens that it was also the smallest bedroom in the house. Now, since my...
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    Setting Guidelines with client?

    I approached my company with the concept of having a virtual assistant to perform some of the administrative-type duties throughout the company. Although some departments are agreeable to it because it cuts their personnel budget cost almost in half, HR has not grasped the concept yet...
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    Question What is your most in-demand service?

    I have never heard of elderly care concierge services. What are some of the duties that are required, and is that virtual assistance type of service that can be offered?
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    Going Rate for transcription

    I have not had a client who required transcription, therefore I never realized there were so many variables involved. I may need to adjust my pricing structure to include this type of service if required without a package. Currently I offer an 8-hour, 20-hour, 40-hour, and customized package.