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    Question What do you find most difficult about being your own Project Manager?

    "How to systemise your process to speed everything up." is a popular one. I'm very organised and help my wife with PM stuff; I have to say it's not my favourite thing in the world (I'm a crazy Front End/WordPress Developer!) but it helps me get stuff done.
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    Repeating Task Management Software

    Hi yeah but not just see but contribute also. Keep doing great work!
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    Hello from Greece

    Awesome sounds like you are already well on your way! :) Well done.
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    Hello from Greece

    Hi Anna, thanks for your comments on my other post, I'm new too, only been here for a week or so. I reckon it's pretty difficult to gague the environment of a place, but I think the best way (and one of the top two things VA's need to do well) is part of communication. A client will love if you...
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    Question What do you find most difficult about being your own Project Manager?

    Thank you Anna! Spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.
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    Business Cards

    I have to say I've never needed them, though my business card is my website and the ones I've built in the past, so might be a little bit different. But sometimes I do wish I had a card I could hand someone. What might be even better, though, is if you have time to talk to get that person's...
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    Question Thinking of taking the leap, not sure where to start

    Good for you for thinking about a life/work change! I reckon you need to get started before you leave your full time job and also consider healthcare in your area if it's available - in the States this is particularly important. After that, get a website together, this is key, and start telling...
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    Question What do you think of just focusing on LinkedIn as a service?

    I know of at least one client/acquaintance who is a LinkedIn specialist. It's its own world and if you can master it, you have a truly valuable skill. See her website Kaleidoscope Marketing for tips and ideas.
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    Mac or PC or Both?

    In my experience having a Mac is great until you have to keep the integrity of native Microsoft Office documents. So either get Bootcamp/VirtualBox and run PC on your Mac, or get Mac versions of the Office software.
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    VA companies to work for?

    Indeed you don't need anyone in the middle taking your business. I've found Twitter and Facebook networking are great, as well as telling all your contacts on LinkedIn you're available for VA project work. However, a few things you can sign up to in a pinch if you need some quick work, just be...
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    Accounting/Time Tracking

    I recommend you checkout Harvest. I have been using it for the past 4/5 years and it's amazing. You can track time on desktop or mobile, set up projects and output reports for accounting or taxes (it doesn't do accounting though). You pay yearly, I think it's around $250 or so, about $20/mo, but...
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    Repeating Task Management Software

    Hey this app looks cool! Is it internal only or can you include clients in tasks and discussions?
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    Business name and tagline feedback

    What sort of Welcome Packages were you looking for? I'm curious what they are and what you found! :)