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  • Thank you Lisa for your post on my profile page. Your contributions and support here on the forum are certainly noticed as well :) I always look forward to reading the VA Interviews you post every month.
    Hoping this year will set a new precedent in VA educational seminars:sunny:

    Hi Lisa :)
    Thanks so much for your kind words, I appreciate that very much. I am excited too and can't wait to get started. We will be having our first seminar in September and I am looking forward to that. :sunny:

    Hope to chat soon.
    For newbies to the forum - I am the interviews editor here and I welcome you all and encourage you to participate, learn, teach and share here at VAF. To make the interviews more relevant, useful and meaningful to you please feel welcome to take part in my short 10 question survey. Newbies and current VAs are all welcome to participate.
    Hi Lisa! I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed reading this month's interview - nice work! :)
    About your last blog: I love your "happy file" idea. I might have to borrow it. And your girls are just beautiful. :)
    Hi I don't get on SKYPE I will look into it. There are so many networking media today. I have stuck to twitter and facebook. I am new to this site also so I am looking to share ideas also. It has been nice so far.
    Ok it might not be very cool to post messages to yourself but I'm taking the chance anyway because this site doesn't give much space for me to babble socially and I am a very social butterfly... so for anyone reading my page "hey - I'd love to have a network of VA contacts on Skype to talk to every now and then. I would welcome chats online and on skype any time so feel free to add me, I don't decline anyone" :) I welcome all friends too so feel free to add me as a friend :daisy:
    Thanks for stopping by my message board! I started in January-so I'm very new. Just working on marketing now and getting myself out there. I look forward to sharing ideas.
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