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    Announcement First Clients!

    Thank you, Linda. I am just going to keep trying my best and wowing them with my personality! You will get them, Rena. Maybe not when you want them, but they will come. I am very inpatient. Smh. I had to pray on it and learn to network. Wendy, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.
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    What questions do you ask new clients during your consultation, and what are their questions?

    These are great tips! Reading these make me feel way more comfortable. I think I'm fine up until it's time to get the conversation started and then I get a little nervous. It always fades but I would like to get to a "script" that I normally use. I have to remember, "This is my business and I am...
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    Announcement First Clients!

    Good afternoon, all! :seeya: I haven't been here in a while and have just been busy getting business together:computer:. Last week, I scored my first client! I set up a consultation call to go over what she needed and about 45 minutes after I hung up, I got another call and it was another new...
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    Can General Admin Tasks be packaged?

    Hey, Shaval, It's a really common question and even I am trying to figure out how to package my services. I am signed u for the webinar and can't wait to get my problems solved!
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    Question What online software did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner

    Re: What online softwares did you use in Social Media Marketing as a Beginner I just wanted to follow up and say that I downloaded and LOVE HootSuite! My favorite part is that it lets you schedule your posts. It saves me sooo much time!
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    First Client

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!
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    Office 365

    I have and use both Office 365 and the Google Apps. I like them both but want to start using Office 365 so that I can get a full experience with it.
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    Good Day Everyone from Singapore

    Welcome! I'm still fairly new and need to start posting more and getting to know everyone. I'm curious to see if business would be handled differently between the 2 countries. Good luck to you and I wish you nothing but success!
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    Website: Did You Create Your Own or Outsource?

    I didn't have any experience and I built my own. It took some time because I kept changing things but the experience and was awesome. I felt proud knowing that I did it myself, regardless of any negative feedback.
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    How do I find my niche?

    Good morning, guys! Thank you so much for this information. I greatly appreciate it.
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    LinkedIn Business Page

    Hey, Ruth, I never got a chance to thank you for the help. I am going to be setting my page up soon. I have to really get used to LinkedIn. It seems like it will be a great help for me!
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    New VA - Hello Everyone

    Sorry that you got laid off. But it sounds like it happened right on time for you. I can't wait until I can focus more on my business. I've wanted to be a VA for about 3 years now but never really took the steps to make it happen. I'm glad that I took that step now and look forward to learning...
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    New VA - Hello Everyone

    Welcome, Michelle! My name is Tenille and I'm new as well and I am loving this forum so far. There's so much information. Just curious, do you have a full or part time job while you're pursuing your VA dreams?
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    LinkedIn Business Page

    Good morning, Do you have to have a personal page in order to create a business page?
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    How do I find my niche?

    Thank you, Janine. I pulled that up and will read it.