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    Stuck without a name

    Exactly, that's why I was so encouraged when I checked out the site! I hope one of those folks can help. So, you can remove one BIG item from your plate. :)
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    Feedback on new name and tagline.

    Hi Nicole021, I was very frustrated about the same thing until I decided to try a different strategy. Over at Fiverr, I discovered a group of subcontractors who specialized in branding. The guy I chose made a real effort to get a sense of my niche & services before making recommendations. I...
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    Feedback on new name and tagline.

    Agree with the comments - like it, clever, simple and memorable...
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    Feedback on website/logo

    Hi there, I just went to your site. My two comments are: 1) It looks good - the theme of "the redhead" seems to flow throughout your site. 2) The other is more of a question/observation. Are you planning to include an About Me or Welcome that gives a short summary of who you are vs. focusing...
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    Stuck without a name

    Hi Linda, I can relate your frustration, since I was in the same place last spring/summer. Although, I'd created a list of possibilities along with taglines, none of them really spoke to me. Eventually, I found myself poking around the Fiverr site because I was trying to contain the costs...
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    Feedback on Name Change Please?

    I think 'Halo Paralegal' has a nice ring. Do you plan to keep Services in the new name?
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    Business Bank Account??

    Thanks for sharing. I recognize I need a business checking account but was concerned about how much they'd require to open it. Good to know there are free ones for business accounts too!