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    Tell 1st client (s)he's my first?

    I agree with telling the truth in a positive way. This may be your first independent client but you clearly have the expertise to do the job. You will be great.
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    Problem What a wally!!

    Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. By Susan Jeffers. You will do amazing keep going.
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    Do You Need an Incentive to Blog?

    Would love to be a part but am extreamly nervous about starting to blog. Are there any resources to give a new blogger direction?
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    Even MORE top blog directories to submit you blog to

    Thank you so much, I havent started blogging yet but these are great resources for when I start. Again Thank You.
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    How to charge for scheduling?

    I would like to hear more about the concierge model for appointment scheduling.
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    When Using Subcontractors, Do You Tell the Client?

    Our firm also works with a team so our clients know depending on the service requested a specialist on our Virtual Support Team will complete the work.
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    Will keep you in prayers for your health and your business.
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    Question Industry Standards Relational To Billing Rates

    :think:Hello Everyone, We are very new and have been doing a significant amout of research on building the foundation of our buisness. I was wondering if there are industry standards for billing rates. When I look at oDesk and others the rates are very low and then in other areas rate are...
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Congratulations, on your business. Stay the course and you will succeed.
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    Question Help with Business name and Logo design!!!

    I agree with Julie my favorite is Office Virtuoso. I wish you all the best in your business.
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    Policy on Personal AND Business checks

    Thank you for that valuable information.
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    What type of calendar do you use?

    First, I agree with Renee use whatever works for you. I have everything and as soon as I get them to sync life will be good. I would also like to say that this forums needs to be a model in other industries. Although you are individually in business you share with one another and that is...
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    Question do you need an address on business cards?

    Great suggestions I agree an email address, phone and fax works well as long as your clients are not mailing you payments.
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    Business Launch

    Congratulations, Network, Network, Network....... You can do it.
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    Become A Virtual Assistant eBook + 35 templates - 2nd Edition (Published by Virtual Assistant Forums

    I have tried I went through Amazon and it took me to the VA site. I put in both email addresses and even asked to have the password resent and have not recieved an email as of yet. I will keep trying. Thank you.