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  • Hi Rebecka,
    I saw on your web page that you do filing system creation. I'm in the start-up phase of my VA business and wondered if you could give me some tips for my soft and hard copy filing system creation?

    How detailed do I need to be with my document titles and how specific do my folders need to be?
    * HR
    * Finance
    * Marketing
    * Admin
    * Correspondence
    * Contracts.........the list could go on

    Do you know anything about ACT software? I am using a new clients and pulling hair out with email set-up!

    Hi Rebecka. I am fairly new to the VA business. I heard your podcast with Darlene yesterday, and I found it to very helpful. I am in search of a 'mentor' and I am hoping to network with other VAs on this site.

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