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    How many services are one too many?

    I am a specialist (mostly). I looked over my list of skills and decided to narrow it down based on what I most enjoy doing (no coincidence that those things are also what I excel at.) Found a category that encompassed most of it, "Sales and Marketing". So that is my specialty. With the...
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    Thanks for this info. Will check it out!
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    I do have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, but I think our concern was for client signatures. Not our own.
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    Question Website Yes or No

    I only work locally (not as a bookkeeper) but I still feel I need a website to appear credible. I also am in the process of getting permission from all of the folks who were kind enough to write positive things about me on LinkedIn to post their remarks on my website. That's more info than I can...
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    Services for services?

    I'm glad I read this *before* offering a barter arrangement to my client. Looking at this thread from HIS perspective makes me think *I* may have come off as shady. Well, we all learn eventually . . . even ME!
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    Services for services?

    Wow. Good information. I never, ever would intentionally "cheat" on anything. Thanks for posting the info on reporting bartering. Looks like I will have to look into this more closely. (Especially because I was considering offering another barter agreement to a potential client! And this one is...
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    Services for services?

    I actually have an ongoing barter arrangement with my life coach. It's awesome and since no dollars are changing hands, we get the full-benefit of the trade tax-free! I would go with my gut. If you think he's offering something you would pay for, go for it! If, something doesn't feel right about...
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    Question Flyer/brochure question

    I use Adobe InDesign because it works well with my Illustrator and Photoshop files, but it wouldn't be worth purchasing if you don't use Adobe products in your work. The learning curve is steep.
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    Rachael, I think my partner was thinking of documents that will be signed by clients. Not all of them are equipped to scan or fax.
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    One of my partners is investigating e-signatures. Do you use them? I'm not sure why we would need to pay for them. Can't we just use a blurb "by clicking this box and submitting you agree . . . " Appreciate any input on the topic.
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    Do you use a squeeze page

    Never heard of Aweber - will check it out.
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    How did you get started?

    There's a great resource right here, I started my biz before I saw it, but I think it may be useful all the same. Do a search for Getting_Started_as_a_Virtual_Assistant on this forum and check out the free guide.
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    Do you use a squeeze page

    I am thinking of setting up my first squeeze page. Wondering if anyone else uses them, what they offer and are they having success? There is a bit of work involved with setting up the autoresponder and such, so I am wondering if it's worth it. Also, I understand chimpmail is free for the first...
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    Question What are your thoughts on being trained by your clients?

    Wow, after watching the 'training' video, I checked out his video on timekeeping . . . be sure to 'set their schedule' and determine if they need to 'clock out' for 'a 15-minute lunch or to use the bathroom'. What will you do about 'sick days'? He's clearly not offering what I consider to be VA...
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    Brag In our local paper

    I don't usually feel jealous of the posts here . . . but maybe a teensy bit of this one! Congrats!