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    Requests for a resume?

    It's true. It's pretty much a given that your prospect doesn't understand the difference between an employee and a contractor. All they know is that everybody asks for a resume. They are stuck on that word. I give them what they want. At least that's what they think it is. It has absolutely no...
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    When meeting a potential client...

    I'm not applying for a job either, Susan. Sorry I gave the wrong impression. Don't call it a resume. Just give it another name if it makes you feel better.
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    Setting Guidelines with client?

    Sounds like he's falling back on the time you previously worked for him; ergo he isn't taking you or your business seriously. You are the only one who can open his eyes and keep him from pushing you. Personally I enjoy both types of clients - virtual and on-site. Either one though just remember...
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    When meeting a potential client...

    When I have face-to-face meetings, what I take for presentation can vary per meeting. If we spoke by phone first, that gives me an idea of what I should carry with me. I always take my resume - more than one copy - and give it out. I give out a brochure put out by AIPB. I also give out a...
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    BNI Events

    Hi Emmeelue. (Did I get that right?) I've been to one. One of the members jumped in front of my car as I was leaving the bank and invited me or actually "insisted" that I attend. I had the magnetic signs on my car at the time. Still need to replace those. Anyway it was a weird experience. Each...
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    Confilict of Interest with Fulltime?

    I think you'd be asking for trouble! I'd say check with your HR department first or if you have a company handbook, check that. See what the policy is for freelancing. If you really want to do it and you don't have either of those, you should ask your boss but tread lightly. It's not only...
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    QuickBooks Online Certified

    Congratulations, Catherine. I myself have never found QB certification useful. Nor have I found being a ProAdvisor useful. I've actually had potential clients tell me they would not hire me because I was for a little while so I dropped it. I've been using QB since it was 3.0. I believe the many...
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    New member introduction

    Re: Mrs Welcome Ahlam. There's so much great information here. It's a lot to learn but lots of people here to help get you started!
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    Question "Try it first package"/Rate nervousness, any opinions?

    I don't offer discounts to get clients. I may discount a percentage of the invoice. For instance, when I took on a property management company (500-700 transactions/month) I discounted (not that much!) the invoice for learning the software. What about your self-esteem? Are you so insecure that...
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    Quickbooks. Complicated? or is it just me?

    I think you should go with whatever way makes you most comfortable. Just starting out you don't necessarily need a heavy duty bookkeeping system anyway. As your business grows you can always switch to a more sophisticated software. That said I'm a firm believer that if you don't have a...
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    Gmail Accounts for business use?

    I still use my gmail account since I don't have a website yet. Haven't needed a website since all but one of my clients are face-to-face. Even the inquiries I've had never expressed any concern over a general email. Come to think of it, I've never had anybody ask about my website!
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    Flyer Postcard vs Brochure

    I prefer brochures. It is partly because of the envelope thing. Also the AIPB has brochures that I use to send with a cover letter and a business card. Right now I'm working on a cover letter for a new mailing but I've got to work out my target market and the "hook" and make sure the post office...
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    Are you printing your own business cards or having them done somewhere?

    Re: Are you all printing your own business cards or having them done somewhere? I use Vistaprint. My newest ones are two-color, raised print, heavy card. Just gorgeous! I've already had compliments on them.
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    PO Boxes

    I'm sticking with my P.O. Box. Our road name is longer than the road! Not to mention mail being stolen from the mailbox.
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    Question Car advertising?

    A resounding YES! It absolutely works! I drive a small SUV and had magnetic signs on both front doors. The email listed on the signs was hacked so I had to take them off. They haven't been replaced yet but I absolutely plan to.