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    Garage flooring

    What do you guys do for garage flooring? Going to sort our garage out this spring and just trying to work out what to do for the floor. We have a concrete floor at the moment but when we bring in wet cars and especially cars with snow on them the garage gets wet and not very nice. Just looking...
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    Elite helmet not dark enough...

    I don't know if my eyes are getting sensitive or what but I'm having to wear sunglasses under my Elite helmet even though I have it turned all the way to the darkest setting. I'm looking for something that is NOT in the manual Ways To Carry a Spare Helmet. I'm changing the batteries even though...
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    Easson LCD Display In The Cold?

    Hi everyone. I am planning to install an Easson ES-12c LCD DRO on my Deckel FP1 milling machine. I have not bought the DRO yet. My mill lives in the garage and the temperatures get down below -15 Celcius. I'm wondering if the Easson LCD display is a poor choice for the freezing environment...
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    Metallic epoxy floor problems

    Just built a new home and have been living here for about 8 months now. I spent BIG BUCKS for a metallic epoxy floor and was told it WOULD NOT SCRATCH and would be as tough as it gets. Used a really reputable local company that has been in business for 20 years in this area. My problem, the top...
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    Why Are All The Cool Cases Only Made For Iphone's?

    it seems like the most rugged and unique cases are only made exclusively for the iphone. i have an otterbox defender and trident kraken 2 case for my droid x. they both do their job of protecting the phone. but i like variety and options. and it seems like the really unique cases aren't made for...
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    Hi from Pennsylvania

    I want to buy a football shirt as a souvenir in Sao Paulo, I'm staying near Avda Paulista. Where would be the best place to look to buy one? like this maillot Sénégal pas cher
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    Epoxy flake flooring

    Has anyone on here got this done to their garage? epoxy flake flooring Brisbane I have a double garage 20x20 ft (400 sq ft) - I was quoted 3k all in for grinding and filling cracks 25 ft as well as polyurea and a custom flake blend, also includes vertical 80ft along the walls. Includes warranty...
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    Need Branding for your business count me in.

    Brands like Samsung, Amazon, and even Microsoft spends millions of dollars on Facebook advertising every single year… and guess what, these budgets are constantly on the rise … Not to shock you but Even Google advertises on Facebook Guess what???? These big brands can’t be all wrong as they will...
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    Garage Floor ideas????

    In the past of have painted with just standard floor paint but would like something a bit more durable and aesthetic. So considerations are epoxy twin pack, some kind of interlocking flooring or altro or Marley of some description. I don't really want to ceramic tile it. industrial epoxy...
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    Garage flooring options?

    Hi guys, I know this is a bit off-topic but I thought this would be the best place to get some advice, we're going to be building a new garage so I wanted some feedback as you guys must've been in this position. From what I've seen the common options are Epoxy floors (peeling/bad install does...
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    Need Branding for your business count me in.

    I am here for an amazon business question. Amazon payout every 2 weeks to my bank, but they'll never pay out the full balance of my Amazon seller account (they reserve some cash for refunds and other things for a while before releasing it). For the end of a tax period, would the income of my...
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    Garage floor epoxy, your experience.

    Hi, Please share your experience if you painted your garage floor with decorative garage floor coatings paint. How is it holding up? Issues, etc. In my previous house I wanted to paint the garage floor, but never got around to it. In my current house, I decided to do it. I used the DIY kit from...
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    Epoxy garage floor coating vs floor tiles vs vinyl rolls

    In the spirit of car related threads, I want to get some opinions regarding doing a professional epoxy garage floor coating versus something like an interlocking floor tile system or vinyl rolls. Do you have opinions about one versus another as far as aesthetics are concerned, and also longevity...
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    Garage epoxy floor question

    If my garage fails the moisture test, can I still do an epoxy floor coating Atlanta? If not, what other options do I have? I can’t paint it or epoxy because it will bubble underneath? Thanks in advance!
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    Garage Floor Question FL

    Hey everyone, I’m planning to DIY my garage flooring toronto and had a few questions. I think I’ve got the process down and am using 100% solids. Being located in FL, this time of the year the temperature fluctuates and I’ve read that the warmer it is then the faster the epoxy sets. Would it...