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    Paypal & Invoicing

    Hi Jen, Are you self-employed, or aren't you? I think that's what this issue boils down to. If you were serious about being self-employed, you would have a website (I cannot find one for you), and would have your policies in place before taking on a client. You should never be in the position...
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    Business Name

    Was hoping someone else would jump in here first, but those are two separate businesses and I don't think you should be trying to cram them under one name. Other people will jump in with their suggestions, but mine is that you come up with something less... odd for the admin business; a name...
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    Payment at end of every week VS Retainer?

    Yeah, what Susan said. Your second sentence stood out for me: How is he "guaranteeing" you these hours? In writing? Does that mean he'll pay you even if he doesn't have work for you? If so, then why isn't he willing to pre-pay? Also, the fact that this was a "reluctant" decision on your part...
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    Question My logo, name and tagline

    Hi Kim, Am a little confused about the artwork for this. I was expecting to see the hi-res graphic you plan to use on your website. Not sure what I'm actually looking at here. (Did you take a picture of your computer screen with your phone...?) Assuming there is a hi-res graphic of this...
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    Bridger retainer block

    I had a few thoughts on this: (1) Why does a bridge retainer get a discount at all, based on your discount structure? (2) Why limit the retainer to a calendar month, especially if you have a client that immediately uses up a retainer? Perhaps these could be for a rolling month (just any 30...
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    Paypal & Invoicing

    It's really no different -- and far more convenient -- than a paper invoice. Do you already know how to create an invoice from your PayPal account? Not sure whether that was your question or not.
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    Question Handling emails for Client

    Hi Happy, Maybe I'm not getting something about this request. He's asking you to do something that IS tedious and time-consuming, which is fine if he wants to pay you for that, but then why is he complaining that it's tedious and time-consuming? If there were "an app for that", surely your...
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    Tagline Help

    You meant to direct your response to Lori, right? This is her thread. FWIW, I agree with you. If she can get from that guy who owns it, it would be worth it. That's why I included the whois info.
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    Tagline Help

    Great name! Am a little jealous because some form of "organizing chaos" is one of the things I've been playing around with for my tagline. Never thought of it for a name! I, too, need to be inspired to come up with taglines, but I did think one thing when I read your idea, which is that I...
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    Question Internet Research vs. Looking For A Person

    Thank you to both of you. Though, I was talking about living people. In my particular case, there have been 4 people from my past I'd lost track of, and not one of them has a "findable" online presence, even using everything I know about them. One of them decided to erase herself from the web...
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    Question Internet Research vs. Looking For A Person

    One of the services I'm planning to offer is something I'm really good at, which is internet research. However, even I have not been successful when it comes to locating people from my own past - people without much of an internet presence. Part of the reason for this is that I've not...
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    Opinion on Taglines & Logos

    Hi, I'm brand new so I can't PM Jennifer (and I know this is an old thread), but I had an immediate response to "Getting more out of 24/7". Short, catchy, and related to her name. FWIW, it didn't strike me as meaning that she would be working 24/7, but so many business owners already feel...