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    Working with friends

    I've worked with a number of friends (and still do) and I've never had a problem. I think the real key is making sure both of you know exactly what's what. I do use a contract and once a friend said, "do we really need that?" I said, "probably not, however, both my accountant and attorney told...
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    Lawrence Klinsmann-yet another scam

    It's always something. Sheesh. It seems like there are more scams every day.
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    Happy to be here

    Maybe you should provide a direct link to your site because I keep getting a page that says the server isn't responding. Yikes. Welcome!
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    Please review my new website

    Statistics show that people don't really spend that much time on many websites, even sites they have an interest in. Of course, it's hard for me to separate being a VA from my review but I'd have the bulk of the text on the FAQ page. That way if they don't know what VA does they can find out...
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    Please review my new website

    Hi Alex! I love nice clean simple websites and yours is more or less that. I have a few observations from looking at it on my new iMac with a 27" screen and Chrome browser opened up full-screen length wise (but not width). On your first page I didn't really see the text at the bottom. I...
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    Payment at end of every week VS Retainer?

    The great thing about running your own business is you get to run it exactly how you want too, the hard part is trying to figure out how the heck to run it! A few points.... I'll tell you it's meaningless that this client was referred to you by someone you trust... that has no bearing on his...
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    Struggling with my property / real estate niche!

    Hey Sarah, I initially thought I'd be doing real estate agents as well. I use to be one and my license is still active, I know the drill. But it didn't happen that way. I'm far better at getting clients locally, I guess I'm more interesting in person than online, most of my clients are local...
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    What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

    For me, the most lucrative thing has been local networking. Second is RFP's. When I was first starting out, a lot of seasoned VA's told me how much they hated local clients; "they treat you like an employee." So I parrotted that and said to friends and family: NO local clients I'm not an...
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    Paypal & Invoicing

    I too use PayPal and most of my clients pay me that way. (I have a local client that leaves a check in my mailbox the same day I bill him) I think it's great, it's easy for me and the client and I get my money quickly!
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    Hi from Illinois❣

    Hi Nicole, Welcome to the VAF, it's a great place and filled with very generous people. There are always new things to learn!
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    Hello from MA!

    Hi Lyn, Welcome to the VAF. I'm in MA too, on Cape Cod. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from this very generous group of people!
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    PO Boxes

    I have a PO Box. As a single woman, I would never use my home address, especially when many of my clients are local. As a person who was stalked for 1.5 years, I just don't think that's very smart.
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    Feedback for my website? (finally)

    I don't get the photo on the main page either. I'm on an iMac and tried it on both Chrome and Safari. :(
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    Happy Grasshopper

    For those of you VA's that work with real estate agents, have you ever worked with Happy Grasshopper? One of my RE clients has asked about it repeatedly, they (HG) send out regular emails/newsletters to your agent's client list. Most are not about real estate, which my RE client likes, but I...
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    How to find clients via LinkedIn?

    I'd like to know what sort of groups you're joining. Admittedly I've not put much time into LinkedIn, I did my first 8 months as a VA but then gave up. 90% of the groups I joined the posts were just veiled (or outright ads for their businesses) no one was really asking any questions. I felt like...