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    What do you find is the greatest demand?

    Apart from our actual specialization having a basic knowledge of Web designing, SEO and Social media really helps and if you can write good content and convincing content you get more clients.
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    Marketing Ideas?

    Hi, the only way to reach targeted music fans is twitter. Try to do proper keyword research and find some popular keywords related to music fans and use Hootsuite to create a campaign and contact, interact and engage music fans. Hope this gives you an idea on where to start.
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    Dedicated room for home office

    I always recommend a space dedicated for office work at home as it increases productivity and reduce distractions.
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    Charging for Website Design?

    Hi, it depends upon the functionality that is required on the website. Do they want a static website or a dynamic one. If you use wordpress for designing, you could charge more than what you charge for html design. You can charge a fixed price or a hourly rate.
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    New startup - Questions for Virtual Assistant class.

    Hi There, This is Chaitanya Krishna, CEO of Taskbarge. Taskbarge provide virtual assistants to individuals and corporations. Here are my answers to your questions. 1. How did you decide to get into the virtual assistant business? How long has your business been in operation? Initially I have...