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    Best Ipod Deals

    DH and I found an open box model 80GB Ipod Classic at Best Buy and saved like $25-30. I believe it was a return or something, but nothing is wrong with it. We used that money saved and bought a 5yr warranty in case something went wrong. I know a couple of people who have had some issues...
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    Logo Input Please

    I like the second one best too. When reading your earlier post I was curious how you would use Hart without it being to cutesy, I think the second logo pulls it off well. One suggestion would be to try to change the font of the words "virtual services" to something a little easier to read. I...
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    Web Design Books

    I used the HTML, XHTML, and CSS All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. It covers html, css, javascript, mysql, php, and ajax. It didn't go into great detail on any one subject, but was more than enough to get a good usable understanding of each language. It also came with a cd that has a few...
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    Transferring Domain

    I think I get it. I was under the impression that you have to manage the domain with the same host that you host the content. I will see what I can do. I understand totally what you are saying. Thanks for all of your help.
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    Transferring Domain

    Where would I upload my site content to then? With the hosting account we currently use, any add-on domains are in a file under the main domain. For instance it would show up at Would the best route be to create a subdomain under my main domain and then just...
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    Transferring Domain

    I have a client who wants me to build him a simple website. He is an acquaintance of my Mom's and she told him that he could host it on her account because she has unlimited domain hosting with her host. When I went to transfer the domain it wouldn't allow me because he only bought the domain...
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    Hello from the Steel City

    Welcome Alaina! I will assume that "Steel City" is referring to Pittsburgh. I too am from the suburbs of the ''Steel City". I have 2 boys ages 3 and 1.5 and they are the reason that I chose to pursue a career as a VA. Best of luck on your VA venture. You have definitely chosen a great forum...
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    Web Site Design Help - shopping cart

    With OScommerce you can, but after you get it successfully installed you have to use the add-on/contribution that they have available. It is called the Simple Template System. You still have to edit the php a little bit to get it to say what you want it to say, but it wasn't terribly hard...
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    Web Site Design Help - shopping cart

    I have used OScommerce too. Though it can be rought to customize, they have an add-on that allows you to customize it using html and css. I used it that way and the customization was way easier. I basically just recreated the css that I used for the rest of the site and put in the shopping...
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    Please review my site...needs work?

    The overall look and feel of your site is great. It did knock me out of IE 7 a few times. The first time was when I clicked from the Services/Rates page to the terms page, the second when I went from the Terms page to the Contact page, and the 3rd time was when I went from the Contact page to...
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    As for me, I am a Dell supporter. I had my last Dell desktop for 6 years and only got rid of it because I needed to upgrade. I still plan to use it for my boys to learn to use a PC on. I have recently upgraded to a new dell desktop and a laptop and really like them both. I also got a great...
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    Research for Client : Any Experience with Treo?

    Re: Research for Client : Any Experience with Treo I do not have a Treo, so I am not sure how it works, but Airset offers syncing and sharing. This is from the Airset site "With the AirSet Desktop Sync client, you can synchronize Personal contacts and calendar data for one or more groups...
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    Help picking a web host

    Celestine- It really can be pretty basic or can be much more advanced. The website kinda overwhelmed me too. It was on the disk that was included with the for dummies book and I got it off of there. You really only need to download the Aptana Studio for basic use. I suggest downloading it...
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    Help picking a web host

    Celestine- Aptana creates .htm files and it is also free. I use it and it comes highly recommended from the guy who wrote the html & css for dummies book. He also reviewed Kompozer and said it was good, but that he prefered Aptana. As far as free webhosts, I ran across doteasy the other...
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    Help picking a web host

    I just started using bluehost a few weeks ago for something I am doing for my mom. They have great support. They also have easy installation of some scripts too, such as shopping carts, forums, etc. So far I really like them and they are at a great price. I just added a second domain to my...