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    Hi from NC

    Hi Robin, I am in Winston Salem, NC. You sound like you are well on your way. This forum is a great place to be. I have not had a lot of time to engage as much as I would like to lately, and I miss it. Good luck and welcome.
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    Buffer vs Hootsuite

    Hi Susan, I do use both and I tend to use buffer so much more. Like Lee stated the only drawback with buffer is that you can't see your feed. I have the free version of Hootsuite and find it takes too much time scheduling posts. I have the paid version with buffer, which was less expensive...
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    Please help me choose a name and tagline

    Hi there, You have come up with some great names. Behind Every Pro gets my vote too! Good luck.
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    Podcast How to Start a Part-Time Virtual Assistant Business, with Lee Drozak - Side Hustle Nation

    This is great. I enjoy hearing how successful VA's got started. Lee, you are an inspiration. I will be looking forward to more episodes from Side Hustle Nation.
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    Hello...No idea where to begin!

    Hi Melissa, You have found the right place to make your dream a reality. First and foremost, this forum is full of the most amazing people. Anything and everything you need to find out will be on this forum. I will tell you this, you don't have to do it alone. Honestly, all the great...
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    Question LinkedIn profile

    That is a very good suggestion. I was trying to keep a "low" profile with my online presence. Funny, especially since I work for the school system. You know children and social media. I did finally tell my boss that I was starting my own business to supplement my income, so that way there if...
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    Question Who's Working at Their Kitchen Table?

    Hey, great post. I hate to say it..But, I am on the couch...I have a spare bedroom all set up as a nice office, and I am on the couch. I also spend time on my deck. I can get distracted watching all the animals. You are so right SimplifiedRESolutions, That IS the beauty of being a VA. We...
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    Selling skills

    Hi there, I came across this blog post and thought I would share. Gary Gorman gives short sweet answers on "Selling Skills for Virtual Assistants." I found answers in there on things I Struggle with. Good Stuff. Most importantly be who you are. Enjoy!!
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    Confidence in your abilities....

    Great response Ruth. We all get butterflies when we are starting out. I am still worried about leaving my present position. Like Ruth said. We can do this, we have great experience and skills. Building relationships in this forum and on social media, has been a great way to learn and...
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    Starting Out in North Carolina

    Hi Monique, I am in NC too. Woo hoo!!!! Glad you found VAF this place is a lifeline, and full of wonderful people. I am just getting ready to fully launch, so I am still new myself. I am off to MA on vacation, but we will chat. Good luck. You are in the right place.
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    Free brainstorming call: Getting Started in Social Media - The Right Way with Luz Donahue

    Thank you Luz and Tess, what a great call. Your knowledge and touching key points on what TO do and what NOT to do on social media was an "ah ha" moment. There were smiles all the way around, and quite a few chuckles. Thanks from a girl who feels a little less overwhelmed in the forever...
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    I'm new around here!

    Welcome, It is wonderful that you are doing so well, and glad that you joined the forum. Good luck with branching out, sounds like you are well on you way.
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    Tweet 101 - Visual Guide to Twitter

    Thanks Luz, yes you can Blame Sensei Michelle on my now new Twitter Addiction. It is a bit intimidating at first, but it is an awesome way to connect, and network. Just like VAF. Oh Btw loved being able to see those awesome pics of your great trip. It was almost like being there, Hope your...
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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Hi Julie, Thank you for that site. Times are forever changing. I purchased my new laptop solely for the purpose of my business. It came with so many programs and software I could not resist. Of course Windows 8 was the operating system. I am so glad that I can use the desktop, otherwise I...
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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Desktop is XP and Laptop is Windows 8, still trying to figure it out. I am not loving windows 8.