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  • Hey! I am doing great so far :) Did you get a chance to submit your information for The Virtual Entrepreneur yet? I would love to put you in the VA Directory :)

    Have a great day,
    Hi Tahneesha,

    Nice website. Very simple and to the point, no beating about the bush. I like that. I also like the pictures you have chosen. Well done!:applause:


    Tahneesha, I'm terribly sorry for misspelling your name earlier! Best wishes and thanks for sending me the nice message!
    Hi..........just joined virtual assistant forums. I see that you are located in Indiana. How long have you been a va? I am just getting started?
    Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow Hooiser.
    Cute pictures of your family. Glad to see that you all enjoyed your Christmas. Hope you all have a Happy 2009!
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