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    Question Facebook Boosted Post Notifications

    Hello! Thanks for your comments. From my own research and other feedback received; I don't think this feature is possible as of yet. If I find any updated information, I'll let you all know. :)
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    Question Facebook Boosted Post Notifications

    Hey there, I have been trying to research an answer regarding FB notifications on boosted posts for a client. Is it possible to receive notifications via email that you have new comments? The notifications settings are turned on. She receives comments on regular posts but not boosted posts...
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    Internet research

    I have also performed different types of research for clients over the years. I really like to research but the most enjoyed tasks were those related to social media (now it's called content curation) and researching guests for a podcaster. I wrote about different types of research in a post a...
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    Question Termination

    Hi Angela, yes, I would agree with Ruth that you are obligated to work the final two weeks after the notice has been given. I have a similar clause in my contract that also allows either party to terminate a retainer agreement with a 20 day notice. I terminated a contract earlier this year and...
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    Article Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands

    Hi all - I couldn't help but think about VAF when I was reading this post from the about forums. It explains how forums are still one of the greatest social media channels out there! Of course, you probably already knew that. ;) It was also a good reminder to me to remain...
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    8 Useful and Easy Video Editing Tools

    Thanks for the shout-out Tess and for stopping by my Facebook Page. :)
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    Question Have you used AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar)?

    I thought I would share a recent review that I read about AnyMeeting. You will find it here.
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    Question Have you used AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar)?

    Hello all! I was wondering if any one has recently used AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar)? If so, what are your thoughts and/or experiences? It is a free online meeting service. If has several nice features comparable to other popular paid services. Thanks.
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    Free web meeting software:, Any Thoughts?

    Hi everyone! I recently used for an online meeting. I also found it easy to use and functional. I was able to train another party on a program by sharing my screen. does not require any special training, registration or download; however, it does not boast too many features...
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    Business Darlings

    Well, let the countdown begin... lol ;) Business Darlings sounds very interesting and I look forward to checking it out later this month. Christina, you have a great group of VAs in place...I know it will be awesome! Best of luck to you all!
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    Podcast Virtual Assistant Interview with Tahneesha Smith of A Virtual Blessing

    Hi Janine and Nvela! I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview - it was fun. ;) Darlene, thanks again for having me on the show. I appreciate the opportunity to share about my niche and how much I enjoy it! :)
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    Interview with Janine Gregor of Your Virtual Wizard

    Re: 8/2010 Interview with Janine Gregor of Your Virtual Wizard Hey Janine, Great interview! Thanks for sharing with us. I especially liked when you said, "I wanted to be more than just a task-doer; I wanted to be a client’s partner and a springboard for new ideas. I am really a collaborative...
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    Question I Receive a Ton of Spam in WordPress - is this normal?

    Hi Janine, Good question - I was wondering the very same thing. I also use Akismet for my Wordpress site. Recently, I noticed an increase of annoying spam in my spam queue too. Last week, I started using Conditional CAPTCHA and haven't seen any since doing so and that makes me very happy.:D I...
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    Interview with Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing

    Re: 6/2010 Interview with Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing Diana, what a great interview...but I'm not surprised. :) You rock! You definitely set the standard for many of us. I appreciate your willingness to always share and encourage other virtual assistants along the way through your...
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    New Member - Essential Pursuit, Inc.

    Hi Stephanie! :welcome: to VAF. What a cheerful introduction and outlook. I am glad you found us. You're are right, the forums offers a wealth of information. In addition to the information, you will find a great group of virtual professionals here to help support you in your endeavors. I...