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    Fear of Networking and Fear of Failure

    This is such an interesting thread. I, too, am an overthinker, and can get bogged down in the details so that I don't actually have to act. When I tried to start my business a year+ ago, that's what happened - 3 months in and very little was accomplished. I then received a promotion at work...
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    How do you handle international calls for clients?

    Thanks Tess! I checked that out, and it's free as long as the other person is using Skype. Unfortunately I'm usually calling hotels or what have you, and with a little digging I've discovered that using Skype that way is more expensive than using Google Voice. I prepaid $10 on my GV account...
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    How do you handle international calls for clients?

    Good morning everyone, Happy Monday! :) Several of my clients travel globally, and just today I've had a client ask me to call London and change her hotel reservation. Up to now I've been with a VA company that had an international phone line that I could use. What do you all do in...
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    Question Hourly rate, payment in advance?

    Hi Rosa, I have all clients purchase blocks of time in advance - I never work without having been paid in advance. My smallest block of time is 10 hours... Hope that helps :)
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    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    Ah, yes I did misunderstand you! :)
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    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    Phew, it's been an intense week and I'm just getting back here. Thanks for the info Ruth, I thought that might be the case for my London client but didn't want to assume. I have more research to do about my taxes etc and set up. I was one of the luckier Zirtual Assistants in that I came out of...
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Read and understood. Thanks very much!
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    Ex-Zirtual VA - need advice!

    Hello everyone, As many of you may have heard, the VA firm Zirtual crashed and burned with no notice yesterday. A few of you may recognize me from about a year ago - I started setting up shop for my own independent VA service but was promoted into management at Zirtual so I decided at that...
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    Online Todo list

    I like to meld the old fashioned way with the new-fangled. I use Wunderlist and then print it to have a paper copy for the day :).
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    Question Custom Domain Email Addy via Google

    Not sure if you've purchased a domain yet, but I got my email address free - 2 free ones actually - when I bought my domain name from And that site was cheaper than GoDaddy...
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    Hello everybody!

    Hi Phyllis, welcome to the forum! You'll find it's a great resource (I certainly have!).
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    Help!!! need logo and name

    Hi Lynette, If you want 'Virtual Solutions' in it - how about Lynette's Virtual Solutions? And you don't *have* to have a logo starting out, it's just a "nice to have". Good luck! :)
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    Setting Guidelines with client?

    I guess it depends on how badly you need the money. If you really need it - do it. If you can do without, let him know that you're sorry but you really only work remotely and under these conditions - and stick to them! I'm sure this person won't be the first who will try to get you to do things...
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    Question Which language to choose?

    Re: What to choose? Hi Debrael, I guess it depends on how you plan to market your business. If you think you'll excel at marketing via social media etc., then English would probably be a good choice. If you think you can build your business by networking locally, then Dutch would be the...
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    Question Talk to me about REVA Academy...

    Good morning Lee, The REVA Academy website does state that you'll be ready to go at the end of their course, but I was hoping to get a more unbiased opinion (since obviously they are selling something :)). Hoping someone on here has taken the course and can advise...