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  • :) Hi Jessica, I don't provide transcription as a service and the chats here on the boards are archived into a place where I can just copy/paste the text into a thread... so there wasn't any transcribing to be done. Have you tried using the search feature at the top of the boards? I think you'll find a few threads that discuss this topic. Note though that we don't discuss rates directly on the boards - the best recommendation I can offer is to search for transcription websites and see what they charge.
    Thanks Tess!!
    The story is really quite simple......I'm not sure where you live, but here in California, we have Paul, the King of Big Screens.......who is TV store is in La Habra,my neighboring city, but he advertises on National TV......so in his commercials, he always ends it with "I am the King" Claiming to be the BEST of Big Screen TVs............so I thought I can be the Queen.........of VA ;) Since all us girls were born as princesses........I simply graduated myself to Queen of My Business!! :)

    Hi Jessica, thanks so much for adding me to your friends list :) Great business name! I'd love to hear the story behind that sometime.
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