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    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Lin and I am from Norway as well. I am writing in English since posting on the forum in Norwegain will probably not be very popular. I cant sent you a personal message, since I dont have enought posts on this forum :(.... I have questions to you about being a Virtual Assistant in Norway, if you dont mind sharing your experiences. Are there many? Will you be working with Norwegian Clients, or outsourcing to other countries that might be more familiar? Did you do training ? Or do you have experience from being a Administrative Assistant??
    Hi everybody, and parden my english!

    Im from the northern part of Norway, but i live in the south. Met my husband and have two lovely kids. And the third one on the way, on christmas eve.

    I am starting my business right now, and trying to figure out how things should be, writing my businessplan, creating my website etc. Its a lot of work but it feels like a dream coming trough. And when it feels like a dream, the work is not hard. I love it and enjoy it.

    I will be in this forum from time to time, but i will try to be here regularly and happy for comments on everything.

    So long.
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