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    Calculating your rate

    I absolutely LOVE that you've included tithes in this example! Great stuff!!
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    Link free sample templates

    Another site for letter templates is Sample Letters World
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    Resource Free Email Marketing Ebook

    Thanks for the link! Just downloaded and ready to learn.
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    Email & Calendar Management???

    I'm SO glad I came across this thread! I just had a request for scheduling and returning client calls and was seeking the same information. Great stuff Julie! Thanks!!
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    This question is on target! I just had a PC contact me regarding marketing and printing would be involved. I was wondering how I could charge for this (or if).
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    What was your 1st marketing act

    I've read on different threads that most VAs try to stay away from face to face meetings. However, I'm just getting things running as well and so far, I've had 3 clients and have had to meet face to face. I think that initially it's good versus cold emailing. I am also in the process of...
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    Free Stuff Free Youtube Training

    Thanks for the link! Definitely tuning in.
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    Making my business legit

    Oh! And if you click on the "What we do" tab at the top, there's a link (Startup Business Packet) that has a ton of info and even answers the things we've discussed here too.
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    Making my business legit

    I found a site through the SOS site called the women center for entrepreneurship. The site offers free courses on different aspects of business, such as customer service, intro to QB (which is free) and other helpful resources!! This link may pull up the NJ chapter but you may be able to...
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    Question Freshbooks vs Quickbooks

    Does Freshbooks also have the tax feature like QB, making it a breeze at tax season?
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    Best invoicing software for Virtual Assistants?

    Do you prefer to use QB for all payment methods over PayPal or do you use both for convenience? Also, which version of QB seems to work best - Simple, Essentials or Pro? I see that QB also offers versions that are industry specific. Have you tried or heard if there are more benefits to the...
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    Welcome/info client packs

    I have been reading through the threads re: welcome packets and have found very useful information. Saradavey, I really like your summary of a good packet. I am still in the planning phase and am also ordering the Welcome Packet Guide from the store (amongst others). I mean, for the price...
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    What are your Holiday Policies?

    As I'm reviewing my policies and procedures (more like drafting as I'm in the planning phase), I'm thinking of taking major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and New Years) and working part time for the others (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Valentine's, etc..) working on administrative tasks...
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    Conflicting info about what "retainer" means

    I too have read different definitions when using this term. Some have been upfront as the ladies have mentioned here and then others have been a percentage and then carried out over the course of the month(s) purchased (as also mentioned here). To me, the latter sounds more like a deposit...
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    Question Typing Rates

    This is helpful to me as I've been struggling (as a newbie) to figure out when to charge per line/minute versus hour/project when taking on typing jobs. Does anyone charge hourly for transcription or does everyone typically charge per line/minute? If the latter, how do you determine that rate?